Vegas Vacation, Part Two: “The Envelope”

I left off Part One just as I was about to get into the FezSpotting pictures, but I figured I wouldn’t break them up over two posts (and no, I didn’t get to meet Davy Jones, and besides, he was really sweaty)…

Everyone was given an eBay Live! tote bag at their registration, and inside were some goodies from various companies…among other things was a copy of the eBay Community Cook Book, which features recipes from eBay people, as well as other notable folks…one of those noteable folks is a young lady named Sonya Thomas…you may have never heard of her, but she is one of the best competitive eaters in the world…when we were in Cleveland last year (July 4th weekend), we saw Sonya interviewed on CNN right before she went to Nathan’s Famous on Coney island for their annual hot dog eating contest…I believe she came in second, which is still an incredible feat…she has won many other competitions, and wrote a recipe for the eBay Cook Book…anyway, she was there on Wednesday to sign her recipe, and to take pictures, so I went over to have my picture taken, and she gladly wore my Fez in the shot…

she may be small, but she can eat a million anythings!

eBay Live! was pretty time-consuming…what with taking forever to get there, and having to wait around for more pins to be given away, we didn’t have too much free time besides the night time, and a lot of places close earlier than we remembered…we got a chance, though to go to the M&M’s World store, and the World of Coca-Cola store, where I did my annual act of masochism, the “Tastes Of The World”…16 cups of Coca-Cola products from around the world for $7.00…I will be posting about this in themainfizz sometime soon, so look forward to that!…after I got better (by the 12the cup of soda I was feeling icky), we went over to meet Sonya and to take the above picture (don’t you just love non-linear train of thought?)  and then went back to our room to freshen up for the night’s activities…

Oh, right…I haven’t mentioned that yet!…We went to the Rio All-Suites Hotel to see Penn & Teller…we get to the theatre, and it was a very nice place…the “opening act”, the Mike Jones duo, was this fella Mike Jones on the piano, and a tall man with long hair and a wide-brimmed hat on upright bass…they played some really good jazz tunes, a few of which I think I recognized…in between songs, Mike invited everyone from the audience to take part int he “Penn & Teller Envelope Signing Experience”, where everyone in the audience was to come up onstage and sign a yellow envelope that Penn & Teller would be using later in their show…when I went up to get in line, I glanced over to the corner where Mike Jones was playing, when I noticed that it was Penn playing bass…I must have been the first person to notice, so I waved, and he smiled and gave one of those upward nods of acknowledgement (you know what I mean)…after that, everyone was looking over at him, waving and pointing…it was pretty funny…

The show was amazing, and I mean that in more than the sense of the word…they were funny, they were magical, they were just astounding…we had read some pretty lousy reviews of their show on the internet before we left, but I can’t understand how anyone would not have enjoyed that show…I suppose that you would be better off being a fan of theirs than having gotten the tickets for free from the slot club or some such nonsense, but that’s Rio’s fault, not theirs, idiot!…

After the show, everyone had the chance to meet Penn & Teller, to have their pictures taken with them, and to have them sign stuff…of course, I got both of them to wear the Fez, and talked to them for a little bit (yes, Teller, too)…I told Teller that we are from Philadelphia (he is, too), but he either didn’t hear or didn’t care, or was just really tired (I vote equal amounts of all three)…Penn was very talkative, as he comes off to be, and asked of my Fez had to do with The Residents (in case you didn’t know, The Residents are a band that does indeed have a thing for eyeballs, but the Cult of the Eye has no affiliation with them beyond some of the members being fans)..I told him that it’s from the Cult of the Eye, and he said that’s really cool…so here’s the pictures, already!

yes, he can speak
...and then there's *this* asshole!

By the way, that’s the real reason I paint my nail, in case you were wondering…Hero worship?…hardly…it’s just cheaper than a Penn & Teller t-shirt…

Baseball game and concert tomorrow…Part Three to follow…


Lyric of the Time:
I know people gonna talk
The way they do sometimes
But don’t let them change your mind


~ by E. on June 18, 2006.

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