California Fun Part Three: “Living”

Unlike last year’s Bats Day, we spent quite some time in the park before we saw any large groups of goths…we knew that we were there on the right weekend (after all, we had gone to the Bats Day Black Market the previous morning), so it was only a matter of time before a sea of black-clad gloom washed over Disneyland…

We headed first to the Snow White show at the back edge of Fantasyland…like last year, we were there with other Bats Day people to cheer on the villains and to boo Snow White and her dwarf-y friends…by the time the show was over, it was time to go over to Sleeping Beauty Castle for the first photo…the first Cultie I saw this year was Bizzaro, along with his girlfriend, Kayla (is that spelled right?)…we spotted Troy soon after, and then Scott and Christina…throughout the day, I mostly hung out with Troy, though we met up with Irk, Lee Press-On, Smokin’ Joe, and a few other ‘Friends of the Eye’…there are a lot of goofy pictures from the day on Drunk Rockers, and few other web sites and message boards…

At the Haunted Mansion ride through, I was number 730…not as impressive as being number 900 last year, but we can’t get everything…what I did get. however, was a new tassel-locking clip for my Fez…it’s like one of the squeezy locks for drawstrings, only cooler because it’s inside my Fez…

The Haunted Mansion has undergone some renovations since last year, though not as many people flocked to it as they did to Pirates of the Caribbean, since it was not publicized as much (by Disney, at least)…there were a few details mentioned on MiceAge, but few other sources had information….the main change was the altering of the storyline…the thing was that very few guests were aware that there even was a storyline, since the attraction just seemed like a series of individual scenes…there really were a couple of stories, and I’m sure that Doombuggieshas more than enough information about the attractions than you will ever need to know (unless you’re me)…The recent changes to the ride focus mainly around The Bride figure, with the attic scene being mostly overhauled…I will share no details here, since I would like for you to do your best to see them for yourself (as far as I know, the changes are only in Disneyland right now, and I don’t know if the other three Mansions are going to change as well), but know this: gone are the “pop-up ghosts” (thank goodness), and in their stead are some really cool changing portraits…also, rumor has it that during the renovations that change the Mansion back from Haunted Mansion Holiday, a few more additions will be made to round out the new storyline…I can’t wait!

So that was that…we left California the next day, after going to Hollywood Blvd (I stayed in the car…I hate Hollywood Blvd…sorry, Lee)…got home safe and sound, as there were no mutherfuckin’ snakes on our mutherfuckin’ plane…

Right now, I’m in my dorm waiting for my Math class at 6:00…my English teacher reminds me of Mrs. Schuman (my teacher, not my Mom), which reminds me that I have to see Akiba’s calendar so that I can drop in…hopefully, I’ll get a warmer welcome than I did when I went back to camp

If you want to write to me, hit it here, junior:

Eric Schuman
East Hall Room C-216
Temple University Ambler
580 Meetinghouse Road
Ambler, PA 19002

all’s I have to do now is find my mailbox…

Lyric of the Time:
Now I lie in bed and think of her
Sometimes I even weep
Then I dream of her
Behind the wall of sleep


~ by E. on August 28, 2006.

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