“An Experimentation In Light Surrealist Composition With Reckless Abandon”

When I think about you I think
‘Man, is this show almost over,
I just want to buy a demo,
Meet the band and go home.’
I’ve seen better shows from
People half their age
But who am I to judge?

There’s something in the wind that screams
You can’t go that way
You’ll only get in trouble
Seems like you’re in trouble more and more
These days

Climb on up and take a look
Someday all this might be yours
Unless I find someone more deserving
I mean, what have you done for me lately?

Maybe you’ll get on my good side
And I won’t equate your name with things
I don’t like to hear
But that’s totally up to you
Since I’m not the one who’s
Hard to keep up with
Certainly not.

All your friends and all my friends
Are just something to talk about
And it’s hardly good conversation
Since we went out that one time and
You know exactly what I’m referring to
After all, all this might be yours.

Sure you wobble when you walk
But it’s cute and you know it
Otherwise you’d stop, because you
Don’t really wobble when you walk
And you know it.

Perfect –
Now you’re going to look for meaning
Start with what you understand the least
That part’s about you.


~ by E. on February 28, 2007.

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