Friday 5 for all the kids…

The Raveonettes – “You Say You Lie” from Pretty In Black
I don’t know what it is with Scandinavia’s fascination with pop music from 1960’s America, but damned if The Raveonettes don’t have the style down perfectly…
Julie Doiron – “I Woke Myself Up” from Woke Myself Up
I saw Julie open for Calvin Johnson a few weeks back, and just got this, her latest album…not as lo-fi as I would have guessed from her performance, but I don’t think that that takes away from its accessibility and charm…
Joe Jackson – “Fools In Love/For Your Love” from Summer In The City: Live In New York
Combining his own classic tune with the Yardbirds’ hit, Joe proves on this album (performed with just piano, bass and drums) that rock and roll comes in many forms, most of which Jackson has explored himself…and who can resist those shoes?
The Specials – “Ghost Town”
From the band that brought ska back to the dancefloor (in England, anyway), comes this moody bit of new wave heaven…More than any other Specials song, this one presented the darker side of alternative rock, especially seen today with The Good, The Bad & The Queen
Arctic Monkeys – “D Is For Dangerous” from Favourite Worst Nightmare
What’s not to like about an amped-up rocker that uses the word ‘trousers’?…nothing, that’s what!

So that’s that…I’ll get some pictures of my new hair ‘do up soon…


~ by E. on July 6, 2007.

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