Mreak The Bonotony

Today was our day not to spent in the parks…I guess there always has to be one…

We continued our new hobby: visiting cemetaries to find graves of famous people…Of course, Southern California is home to many dead people, some of them buried in the cemetaries we went to today…

The first was a little odd, in that the cemetary was located in the middle of the city…a lot smaller than many other cemetaries, this one was home to Rodney Dangerfield, Mel Torme, Marilyn Monroe, and, creepily, future home to Ray Bradbury…yeah, he’s got a headstone next to his wife’s with his name and birth year on it…just waiting…

The second, Hollywood Forever, was about the size of most other cemetaries, which is to say really freakin’ big…this place is home to thousands of graves, many masoleums, and an army of geese…Some of the fine folks to be found here are Mel Blanc, Cecil B, Demille, Douglas Fairbanks (as well as Tyrone Power, incidentally), and, recently, Johnny Ramone…

Day 3 – August 16th, 2007

I don't wanna be buried/In a pet sematary

It was pretty righteous…Tomorrow, we’ll be going to Disney’s California Adventure, which I believe I described in a past vacation report as “still closely resembling the parking lot on which it was built”…that is to say that we’ll probably spend about 20 minutes in California Adventure and then go over to Disneyland for more pirates and ghosts…or maybe not…who knows, I’m on vacation…

We also went to a Dodgers game tonight, and spend some quality time with a loud, mostly drunk team from a local Trader Joe’s…at least we didn’t get hit with too many peanuts…


(In case you were wondering, the wireless here is really crappy, so I’ll bring back the lyric of the time when I get home…I’m lucky that I can get onto PhotoBucket to upload these pictures…understand?)


~ by E. on August 17, 2007.

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