Friday 5 Live from Fabulous Anaheim, CA!

XTC – “Cross Wires” from White Music
It’s kind of hard to believe that the same band that gave us the graceful Skylarking (not to mention gave The Decemberists a career by pioneering orchestral baroque-pop) also performed one of the most jittery songs of the new wave movement…In fact, even XTC’s breakthrough third release, Drums And Wires, maintains a lot of the tension that was present on their first album, making XTC, among other things, England’s answer to Talking Heads
The Art Of Noise – “Paranormia” from In Visible Silence
Released as a single (an odd concept for such an un-band), this track is remembered best for its guest appearance from Matt Frewer as Max Headroom “introducing” the band…though founder Trevor Horn had already moved on after the release of their first album, The Art Of Noise’s second album still features many typical Trevor Horn moments…
Mazzy Star – “Free” from She Hangs Brightly
Featuring former Rain Parade and Opal guitarist David Roback and Maria McKee sound-alike Hope Sandoval, Mazzy Star were pretty much just another dream pop band in the 90’s…that is not to say that their soundscapes are to be ignored…quite the opposite, their debut shows off the skills that would score them a hit with “Fade Into You” from their second release…
Spoon – “Don’t Make Me A Target” from Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga
Despite what I have said in recent days about this album and about Spoon in general, this is one of the tracks whose energy I wish was much more prevalent on the rest of the new record…with only 10 songs rounding out the album, it’s a shame that they essentially go downhill after this superfun opener…that is not to say that I won’t be listening to the album again, because of course I will…
Lee Hazlewood with Suzi Jane Hokum – “Suzi Jane Is Back In Town” from

Lee Hazlewood-ism: Its Cause and Cure

I don’t think I could have picked a better/worse time to get into the truly eccentric music of the late Lee Hazlewood…though he undoubtedly influenced bands like Luna, Beat Happening and Belle & Sebastian, this track (featuring one of his more frequent collaborators on his MGM releases) is not too far off from something on Lou Reed’s Transformer…Hazlewood trades in his usual deep drone for a nasal growl which also reminds me of Gordon Gano…listening to Suzi Jane, though, is like listening to Christina Marrs of Austin’s Asylum Street Spankers, only from the 60’s…



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