Watch Your Folks

This morning was the Bats Day Black Market, where dead people sold dead things to other dead people…in all, it was a good time for the whole family, even if I only got two things (one of them from Eric Pigors of ToxicToons)…

After that, it was back to the Magic Kingdom, and here is my assessment of the newest additions to the park:

Pirates Lair on Tom Sawyer Island – pretty sweet…I mean, it’s pirates!…some great new effects in the caverns, and some fun things to do in the shipwreck play areas…and I got to meet Captain Jack Sparrow!

Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage – having never seen Finding Nemo, this attraction did little for me except take away about two hours of my time that were spent waiting in line…at least there were some good references to the old Submarine Voyage…

Just like the past few years that we have been here, every Friday and Saturday night, Disneyland hosts a swing band for the Jump, Jive, Boogie Swing Party at a pavilion right off of Main Street…This year, we got to see a really great band that I like a whole lot, Stompy Jones…while I didn’t show off any hep moves (due to my not having a partner and also being full of gumbo), I did get some pictures of the band as well as the folks dancing…

Day 5 – August 18th, 2007 There ain't nobody here but us chickens...

I did a little bit of networking, and got contact info from a few of the members of the band…they have really wanted to play out in on the east coast, so hopefully I can get a few of the swing and jazz lovers at XPN turned on to the Jones…

gee, I wonder what tomorrow’s picture will be of…



~ by E. on August 19, 2007.

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