What’s This Stuff Falling From The Sky?

I’m back from California…woo…

My back kinda hurts and I have little idea as to what day it is (or what time it is for that matter)…but I’m back and it was a load of fun…

Here are a few Project 365 pictures you might want to see…

Day 6 – August 19th, 2007 go to www.batsday.net to make this make a little more sense... 

you can find me right about………………………………………….^here^

and let’s not forget about

Day 7 – August 20th, 2007 es un grande secreto

Yes, that’s the sign for Company D, Disney’s Cast Member-only store…Yes I did go in and get things…No, I can’t tell you how…

Now it’s time to see the Squirrel Nut Zippers


Lyric of the Time:
A kind of sleepy feeling is creeping over me
Thats the place for dancing and romancing
Thats the place where you and me could go if we were lovers stealing
An evening at Lafitte’s


~ by E. on August 21, 2007.

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