It’s a Chocolate World!

In case you were wondering what goes on at home while I’m away at school, Mom took Pudge to visit his hometown of Hershey the other day…Apparently (and not surprisingly), everyone in Hershey loves him, and he did all sorts of fun things there…he was also nice enough to bring me back some presents…

Day 17 – August 30th, 2007


Also, today is the one-year anniversary of the Y-Rock on XPN show…while Y-Rock started up on August 1st 2006, the first broadcast on WXPN‘s airwaves was a year ago tonight…celebrate by listening, I guess…Incidentally, in an old LJ post I referred to it as Y-Rock on WXPN…weird…

Speaking of XPN (as usual), I’m sitting in one of my media classes today, and I start talking to the girl next to me…she’s a freshman, but only taking a few classes because of her internship…naturally, I ask where she’s working, and she says that she’s going to start working at XPN next week…yeah, I know…

Time to do other things…

Lyric of the Time:
I said, Hey, hey, hey, St. Peter
I’ve got a tale to tell
I’ve just been down in New York town
It really feels like hell
It really feels like hell


~ by E. on August 31, 2007.

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