Technically Still Friday 5!

Rock Plaza Central – “I Am An Excellent Steel Horse” from Are We Not Horses?

Before you ask what this song is about (or what any of leader Chris Eaton’s songs are about), I will be the first one to tell you that I have no idea…something having to do with robot horses who think they’re real horses and that they are excellent…but maybe that’s not it, either…regardless, think Bright Eyes-like acoustics meeting the jagged songwriting of John McCrea

Pixies – “Debaser” from Doolittle

Everything has already be said about this classic tune, though it’s worth reminding everyone that it should always be played back-to-back with The Cure’s “Killing An Arab”…why, you ask?…well, consider it to be a Modernist/Surrealist MegaMix or sorts…In fact, Rock Plaza Central wouldn’t be out of place there, either…

Hot Chip – “Over & Over” from The Warning

More Dance than Punk, these guys bring a funkier electro vibe than some of their DFA peers…oh, and turns out the words they are spelling at the end are, in order: Kissing, Sexing, Casio, Poke (as in the computer command…thanks,


), You, Me, and I…go figure…

The Undertones – “Teenage Kicks” from The Undertones

More fallout from the punk/new wave scene, this simple song with one of the most common chord progressions in music history (G-Em-C-D, for you music geeks) shows how everything old is new again, even in 1978…Nouvelle Vague proved this again when they covered “Teenage Kicks” for their self-titled debut…

Ben Gibbard – “Indian Summer” from Kurt Cobain: About A Son

As a sticker affixed to the soundtrack to this 2006 film states that it contains no music from Kurt or Nirvana, it features bands and songs that influenced him throughout his career…While he may very well have heard Luna’s version from the Slide EP, Kurt was a fan of Beat Happening, who originally did this song for their Jamboree album…Ben from Death Cab For Cutie and The Postal Service does a truly lovely version for this film…E.


~ by E. on September 1, 2007.

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