bang bang

Tonight was Jeffrey‘s CD release performance…it’s always great seeing him and Rick performing…Of course, I’ll see them when they come to The Folk Show in a few weeks, but still I’m sorry that they won’t be doing the monthly Cabaret at World Cafe Live…at least I got to see a few of them (you can learn a lot of Golden Girls trivia just by standing in Jeffrey’s general area)…

Day 28 – September 10th, 2007


I really like this picture because usually pictures of three people next to each other are wide (that is, horizontal)…the fact that they could all fit into a portrait-oriented frame says something…not sure what, but it says something…

Today, as I mentioned before, we watched “Jaws” in my Film class…I love that movie, especially after seeing Robert Shaw in “The Sting”…it’s great that he could use his gruffiness in both roles, despite the total class difference…

There were a few movies that were on TV over the weekend that I enjoyed…”The Big Lebowski”, “The Shining” and “Twilight Zone: The Movie”…from them, I give you a nice little quote, in order:

“Do you like sex, Mr. Lebowski?”
“Maybe it was something about Danny?”
“Fresh, young minds.”


Lyric of the Time:
Enola Gay, you should have stayed at home yesterday
Ah-ha words can’t describe the feeling and the way you lied
These games you play they’re going to end in more than tears someday
Ah-ha Enola Gay it shouldn’t ever have to end this way


~ by E. on September 11, 2007.

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