A Is For…

Today on the way to shul, we saw some chalk writings on the sidewalk…I thought that they were a nice departure from the initials in a heart…

Day 32 – September 14th, 2007

totally inappropriate

I guess you have to put things in perspective…not sure how, but I doubt that one person knows more that two fartheads…that’s just nonsense…

Tomorrow I’m going to XPN to board-op for The Matt Reilly while he broadcasts from Austin City Limits…then on Sunday, I’m doing the same thing!…tune in from 2-6, and maybe he’ll mention me on the air…Next Friday on Y-Rock, I have the playback of the Free at Noon Concert featuring Philadelphia’s own The A-Sides!…You can still sign up if you want to be in attendance, too…

Right now, Dad and I are watching a show on The Travel Channel about fun food factories…they pan just about everything, don’t they?

That’s it!

Lyric of the Time:
Siempre que te pregunto
Que, cuándo, cómo y dónde
Tú siempre me respondes
Quizás, quizás, quizás

~ by E. on September 15, 2007.

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