If It Was True…

I came across a sticker on a stop sign around campus…it was a Mando Diao sticker, positioned as to say “Stop Mando Diao”…stop them from doing what?…making fairly awesome euro-garage rock?…I think not!…

So I gave it a good home on my closet door…there will be no stopping Mando Diao now!

Day 35 – September 17th, 2007

bork bork bork

I’m already contemplating what tomorrow’s picture will be, since I’ll be on Main Campus and last week I saw something totally picture-worthy…but we’ll see!


Lyric of the Time:
Well, my heart has fallen down
Thought I’d talked myself around
Though we say goodbye and wonder
What’s to know and who’s to blame
But to be myself completely I will love you just the same


~ by E. on September 17, 2007.

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