Today’s Project 365 update is quite colorful…

Yesterday, I got a chance to take a picture of the library on the Ambler Campus…they are apparently painting it to be a brown color, similar to the Learning Center (which is a brick building)…for now, however, it’s a lovely base-coat pink…

Day 37 – September 19th, 2007

Make it pink!

In my Media Tech class, there were, of all things, technical difficulties…the fella who came to talk to us was a…what did he call himself?…oh right!…a Graphic Artist…he showed us the capabilities of PhotoShop (of course, no one in the class really cares because they either know PhotoShop already, or aren’t interested in learning it)…his work was some of the most generic looking stuff I had ever seen…it reminded me of elevator music: who makes this stuff?…I guess everybody’s got their own thing now…

On my way from class to the Student Activity Center for some just okay pasta, I passed by a green person…no kidding!

Day 38 – September 20th, 2007 

Ho Ho Ho...

There were some more green people around campus, but this one seemed the most friendly (even though she didn’t say anything)…

Now I’m home…Y-Rock tomorrow from 3-7, then home for food before Yom Kippur…then, um…Yom…Kippur…


Lyric of the Time:
Sometimes I get so hungry
Think about pie all day
Just a little whipped cream
Honey, I’m on my way


~ by E. on September 21, 2007.

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