Fridyah 5…Fridyah!

The Polecats – “Make A Circuit With Me” from Polecats Are Go!
The other new wave rockabilly band with the word ‘cat’ in their name, this tune is catchier than anything that Brian Setzer has written since “(She’s) Sexy And 17”… not only did The Polecats start the rockabilly revival before the Stray Cats, they created a more lo-fi sound that has yet to be equaled…
The New Pornographers – “My Rights Versus Yours” from Challengers
If 2005’s keyboard-driven Twin Cinema can be considered the Vancouver mega-group’s Summerteeth, then Challengers might just be their Being There…for those of you that could follow that statement, it is not to say that the album is a step backward so much as a step inward…not as bombastic as say, “Sing Me Spanish Techno”, the lead track from the new album is just as infectious…
The Go! Team – “Grip Like A Vice” from Proof Of Youth
The echo chamber guitar lick, the fuzzy, maxed-out vocals…you might just think you’re listening to something done by Phil Spector, but alas, the hip-hop stylings and funky breakbeats suggest that this is something new…well, the cartoony party band did this sort of thing on their first album, but it’s still a load of fun…
Buggles – “Kid Dynamo” from The Age Of Plastic
My hero Trevor Horn may have helped video kill the radio star, but the other synthy tunes on this 1980 (!!) album are definitely worth checking out…this song in particular is unabashed rock that contrasts well with the bubblegum of their lone hit…it’s also weird to think that the man behind MTV’s first video was also crucial to the success of Yes, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Dear Catastrophe Waitress, ABC, and of course, Art Of Noise
Cold War Kids – “Saint John” from Robbers And Cowards
The fact that the bluesy outfit met at bible school makes sense when you hear Nathan Willett’s son-of-a-preacher man vocals…with titles like “God, Make Up Your Mind”, “Sermon Vs. The Gospel” and this track, you’d be surprised to find out that Cold War Kids aren’t really a Christian band so much as they are Christians in a band…

~ by E. on September 21, 2007.

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