The Review Revue

Today is a big day for me and the printed word…

This week’s Y-Rock eNewsletter features my review of Sea Wolf‘s Leaves In The River…I’ll post that in a moment, but first a related Project 365 update…

I wrote my first article of the year for the Temple Ambler Newspaper…it may come as no surprise that it’s music-themed…I called it “Hang The DJ: Tasteful Thoughts On Music”…I’ll post that when it runs in the paper, but I wanted to show you my little list of what I wanted to write about…needless to say, I could probably write many articles with all the ideas I had…this will likely happen throughout the year…

Day 42 – September 24th, 2007


Obviously, stuff that’s crossed out is what I got to in this edition, and the items with the highlighter will be first in line next time…and yes, you can see some cartoon guys I drew through the paper…

I’ve been reading around on Yesterland a lot recently…maybe you should do the same…

Aside from that, not much is going on…in Film today we watched “The Conversation“, which I enjoyed…I like movies that make you think…plus I like pirates…


Lyric of the Time:
What is that cheerful sound?
Rain fallin on the ground
We’ll wear a jolly crown
Buckle up, we’re wayward bound


~ by E. on September 24, 2007.

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