of Champions

Yesterday when I got down to Main Campus, I decided to have a little snack/breakfast…so I got some goodies and sat down to catch up on some reading when I realized what I had in front of me…

Day 43 – September 26th, 2007

I say!

Coffee, biscuits and Plato?…now there’s a winning combination…they should sell them all together in a “Pretentious Pack”…I’d buy it…

My teacher in the lab portion of my Media Tech (i.e. “learn” PhotoShop) class told me that she looked at the resume I handed in as part of an assignment last week…turns out she used to answer phones for XPN during the fund drives back at the old building…she also said that she’s a big fan of the Folk Show…I told her that if she calls in to the show, odds are I’ll be the one answering the phone…

Speaking of the fund drive, it’s this week!…head on over to XPN’s website and make your pledge and get some cool swag, too!…

Last night, I helped Gene record some stuff for Folk Alley, and got name-checked along with

at the beginning of Kids Corner

There are a lot of great pictures of Halloweentime at Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure over at MiceChat…go check them out and wonder why I’m not there right now…

That’s it for now…I have to find what today’s picture will be…maybe the no-longer-pink library?

Lyric of the Time:
We are The Angry Mob
We read the papers everyday
We like who we like
We hate who we hate
But we’re also easily swayed


~ by E. on September 26, 2007.

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