Fun Plus D

Today was one of those worky days…

I was at the board for a good long while today for XPN‘s Fund Drive…it makes sense to explain the setup a little bit before I go on…XPN’s building has 3 floors, with the office area on the top floor, and the broadcast studios on the bottom…usually, the DJ’s do their shows (myself included) downstairs, since that’s where the control boards and computers that the music comes from are located (naturally)…for the fund drive, however, the DJ’s are upstairs in a conference room, where all the volunteers taking pledges are…this way, not only can they get up-to-the-minute information on how close they are to reaching their hourly goals, but they can also get the sounds of ringing phones and clapping volunteers in the background (which is very good to have for this sort of thing)…that might be all well and good, except that they need someone to push all the buttons downstairs that the DJ’s would usually do in order to play the music, spots, etc…that’s where I come in…

I came in to cover fo the end of Bob Bumbera’s shift (he’s the news and weather guy from the morning show), as he had other work that had to get done…Michaela Majoun, the morning show host, is upstairs about to do her last pitching break of the day…there’s also a pair of webcams so that the DJ’s can see the board-op and vice-versa…so we’re talking over the off-air line, and when she gets on the air, she starts what sounds like a regular fund drive pitch…except that it’s about me…she goes on to thank me for manning the board, and talks all about how I’m such a loyal worker there, how I started as a high school senior and am now a sophomore at Temple, and how I am another reason why people should pledge: because I represent the next generation of XPN staff…as glitterglamgirl would do, I was seriously contemplating flailing…it was so sweet and totally unexpected, I think I need to give Michaela a hug the next time I see her (incidentally, she left before I could thank her today, so it will have to wait)…

There’s also a new World Café book that features interviews from the past 16 years of the syndicated program…this was a result of many intern-hours of listening and transcribing (I wasn’t particularly fond of either)…nonetheless, one of the interviews that I did, the Gang Of Four interview from 2004, made it into the book, along with a personal thank you to all of the people who helped make the book possible (again, myself included)…solid…

After I was done board-opping, I went to get my picture for today…recording a World Café session was Sam Beam, otherwise known as Iron & Wine…I introduced myself and told him that I was taking pictures for a year-long project, and he said that he was happy to be a part of it…

Day 46 – September 28th, 2007


Sam’s new album, The Shepherd’s Dog, was released this past Tuesday…

Today’s Y-Rock shift was pretty fun…I got to train everyone’s best friend, Adrienne, who has been a loyal helper of Y-Rock concert appearances and is soon going to be on the air…once she gets the hang of it, expect to hear a lot of The Cure…and I mean a lot of The Cure

Tomorrow I have to wake up bright and early for more board-opping…first for the Sleepy Hollow portion of the fund drive, then for the Y-Rock live broadcast from Campus Philly Kickoff…then it’s Erin’s mom’s birthday…hooray!

Whew!…go check out the new Friday 5 and Y-Rock playlist if you haven’t already!


Lyric of the Time:
You’d be damned to be one of us girl
Faced with a dodo’s conundrum
Ah, I felt like I could just fly
But nothing happened every time I tried.


~ by E. on September 29, 2007.

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