It’s our most depressing countdown yet!

Unfortunately, my Tarbox Ramblers pictures came out very poorly, so my picture for yesterday will have to be of a mysterious band that was performing at the Bell Tower Plaza while I was on my way to class…they had apparently been there for a while without anyone really stopping to watch, so when I started taking pictures, one of them shouted “Hey look! A fan!”… at least I think they were talking about me…

Day 50 – October 2nd, 2007 Who are these mystery men?

If you have any idea who these fellas are, feel free to let me know…I checked Temple’s website, and it only said that there was going to be live music, but not who would be performing it…

Regarding the Tarbox Ramblers, after Gene and I got done recording breaks for Folk Alley, we went to have dinner at World Caf Live, where the Ramblers were doing their soundcheck for that night…we were introduced to Michael Tarbox, singer and guitarist, who was a very nice guy…I need to bust out some of their records when I get home…

Today was some sort of special Latin American culture celebration…at least during dinner time…the guys at the dining hall were wearing sombreros (surprisingly not my picture for today), and there was the standard Mexican fare to eat…in addition, there were lovely frozen beverages such as mock mojitos and pineapple daiquiris…I got one of each, and they were both pretty good…sure helped to settle my stomach after tacos-you-make…

Day 51 – October 3rd, 2007 Ol!

I have about one and a half papers to write over the weekend…they shouldn’t be a lot of trouble, but I don’t really have too many ideas for them just yet…oh well…

Time to do other things…

Lyric of the Time:
I wanna know
What you’re thinking.
There are some things you can’t hide.
I wanna know
What you’re feeling.
Tell me what’s on you mind.


~ by E. on October 4, 2007.

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