Friday 5 hooray!

Elvis Costello and the Attractions – “Imperial Bedroom” from Imperial Bedroom

Though not on the original album, you can find this tune on just about every modern re-release…totally harpsichord-arific, just like the album that bears its name, this is not the kind of music you would expect to come out of 1982…just like the rest of the songs on the album that bear its name…

Telephone – “In December” from Automatic

The first few songs (and the majority of the album) from this Portland band really scream Depeche Mode…you can then imagine my surprise and delight when this, the album’s third song, reminds me of The Stone Roses…it’s all too easy to peg these guys as ‘80s revivalists, but at least they’re not going for the Joy Division sound for a change…

Feist – “Sealion” from The Reminder

Not as jazzy as 2004’s Let It Die, the former Broken Social Scene leader speeds things up big time for this cut from her new album…a reworking of a Nina Simone song, “See-Lion”, the rapid guitar work and almost spooky chorus brings some breathy life to the newest indie hero’s repertoire…

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – “Berlin” from Baby 81

Did you think that the second single from the San Francisco garage trio would be any less awesome than “Weapon Of Choice”?…stomp along and find yourself sadly mistaken…

The Honeycombs – “Have I The Right?” from The Honeycombs

The last single to be produced by genius/madman Joe Meek, the sped-up vocals and weirded-out guitar parts are enough to make you wonder what Meek would have gone on to create had it not been for his untimely death…



~ by E. on October 6, 2007.

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