Wind In Sails

Last night, Dad, Erin and I went to see Arthur & Yu at World Café Live…they were really good, and I got to meet them as they packed up their stuff…

Day 52 – October 4th, 2007

We're caught in the afterglow

I told them about Y-Rock, and we talked about Lee Hazlewood and other things…their real names are Grant (Arthur) and Sonya (Yu), and Grant might be my new best friend…I got one of the posters that was hanging up to take back to my dorm…it will go great with the ones I have now (including my lovely new Peter Bjorn And John poster)…

Today’s Free at Noon concert was with Loudon Wainwright III…I had met Loudon a while back on The Folk Show (when he was a little less than sober, but totally a nice guy anyway)…he did a great show, and I finally figured how to get moderately decent night/concert pictures on my camera…

Day 53 – October 5th, 2007

That's my daughter in the water

As far as the large amount of water on the side table, I can only offer that he’s one thirsty Wainwright…

I had a lovely Y-Rock shift, with some help from Adrienne…while she’s no stranger to Y-Rock, she’ll be starting on the air soon…I got to play a lot of things that I wanted to get to this week (as you can see in the playlist I just posted), and as always, there’ll be lots more fun next week from 3-7 eastern!…

Also, don’t forget to check out this week’s Friday 5!…

Tomorrow is resting/paper writing day, and I also have to get crackin’ on my holiday show songs…my oh my!

PS..I got an 86 on my Media In Everyday Life test…schweet!


Lyric of the Time:
I’ve got a pocket full of pretty green
I’m gonna put it in the fruit machine
I’m gonna put it in the juke box
It’s gonna play all the records in the hit parade


~ by E. on October 6, 2007.

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