Friday 5 with the weight of four elephants…

Devendra Banhart – “Shabop Shalom” from Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon

The “freak-folk” guru does it again with this upbeat tune from his new record…there are some Band moments, some Neil Young ones, too, but this tune is a bit more cabaret-y…no surprise that a man with a long beard who wears gems and makeup digs cabaret…

The Blow – “The Long List Of Girls” from Paper Television

If you thought that all the stuff from K Records was lo-fi acoustic stuff, you’d be right for the most part…but this former duo (now just the solo act of Khaela Maricich) brings some badass chick-tronica that’s not to far off from April March or The Bird And The Bee…this song’s stompy-ness in particular even reminds me a bit of Art Of Noise, but then again, what doesn’t?…

Gary Numan – “Metal” from The Pleasure Principal

Speaking of electronica, the godfather of industrial’s catalogue is worth exploring past his few commercial hits (read: “two commercial hits”)…from the same album as the classic “Cars”, Numan lays the groundwork for Future Bible Heroes, Radiohead, and early Nine Inch Nails with this tune…check out the two albums from his band Tubeway Army for more bleak, alienating pop music…

Sea Wolf – “Winter Windows” from Leaves In The River

I probably wouldn’t have believed you if you would have told me that former Irving bassist Alex Brown Church’s album would have a better song than “You’re A Wolf”…not that there’s anything wrong with that tune (in fact, the album grows on me more and more each time I listen to it), but I’m a sucker for weird instruments in pop music, and the presence of the harmonium is not unlike the Arcade Fire’s use of the pipe organ on their newest…

Cornershop – “We’re In Yr Corner” from When I Was Born For The 7th Time

Though best known for 1997’s “Brimful Of Asha” (which was later remixed by Fatboy Slim), the Indian-English pop vehicle of Tjinder Singh still kicks out the jams today…Singh and crew released a collaborative single with Happy Mondays last year, and a new Cornershop album is expected for 2008…it’s hard to believe that this song is already 10 years old…it definitely draws from the Eastern sensibilities of George Harrison and various members of the Shankar family…


~ by E. on October 13, 2007.

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