“…I think it was ‘yes’…”

So there have been a lot of days since my last Project 365 update, but this shall not be the case for any longer…

There are numerous construction sites going on around Temple’s Main Campus…one of them is right around where my classes are, and they apparently reached the height of the building (that is, where the roof is going to be), and they were celebrating this “Reverse Groundbreaking”, or, as I said, “Skyreaching”, by having people who have no business wearing hard hats gather and look at a crane…at least the lower sheave (look it up) was decorated quite festively for the season…

Day 66 – October 18th, 2007 Must be the season of the winch

man, I love Hallowe’en…especially when it’s ridiculous…which is always…

The Free At Noon with Toots and the Maytals was very okay, so I went back to work instead…Kevin, the production guy, got a pizza that was about 4 feet across, with the skinniest slices ever…quite easily the largest pizza-related object that I have ever seen, with the possible exception of the box that it came in…Kathy got her Hallowe’en costume, and, of course, it’s Soupy Sales themed…

Day 67 – October 19th, 2007

There had been a joke between Dad and Kathy in that he jokingly implied that she should wear this costume for Hallowe’en, not knowing that she had already got one for herself from eBay…oh, the miracle of the InfoNets…

Y-Rock was pretty rockin’…check out the playlist and Friday 5, too!

The coverage of “Most Haunted Live” from the Winchester Mystery House was lame b/w bullshit…seven continuous hours of British ghost hunters making up and contradicting their own “rules”…even if there are ghosts there, I wouldn’t blame them for not wanting to make contact with those losers…”…are you Sara Winchester?…”

Yesterday was a sort-of wonderful day on AMC…it was Hitchcock Saturday, and a number of my favorite films of his were shown…it would have been a better time if they were on TCM, because AMC pauses for commercials every 20 minutes…ugh

Day 68 – October 20th, 2007

I also happened to catch one of my favorite episodes of “SpongeBob SquarePants”…sure, laugh all you want, but it is a great cartoon…the episode, “Ugh!”, features caveman-like SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward, and features a totally classic noise that Squidward makes when he belches…classic

Today, we went to the Atlantique City collectibles show…I’ve been going to it for years, and for the past few years, it’s gotten more and more lame…where we used to spend the whole day there and come back with a van full of stuff, we only spent about 3 hours and brought home a single plastic bag with a few items in it…there were a bunch of strange and unusual things there, and most of them had some weird stuff to sell…

On the Folk Show this evening were my buddies, Boris Garcia…this night was particularly special, because this was the first time that I had mixed the studio session by myself (with some help from Matt, of course)…apparently, they sounded really great over the airwaves, and I was quite happy with the job done…of course, it’s always great to see those guys, and Gene always enjoys having them on the show…but don’t take my word for it…

Day 69 – October 21st, 2007 Makes me feel like running races/Makes me feel like chopping wood/Hey!

They have a new album in the works, and I am quite looking forward to hearing it!

It’s time for sleep…though my iPod could stand to be updated…


Lyric of the Time:
Children by the million sing for Alex Chilton when he comes ’round
They sing I’m in love, what’s that song?
I’m in love with that song


~ by E. on October 22, 2007.

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