Walking With A Ghost

It’s most definitely Hallowe’en season around here…the blogs are turning orange, and there’s the unmistakeable smell of Mellocreme Pumpkins in the air (though not necessarily in 10 pound cases)…must also be time to hunt some ghosts, but more on that in a bit…

Yesterday was uncharacteristically warm, so it was nice to enjoy an ice cream after dinner…there are usually seasonal flavors around this time of year (in fact, I had pump-a-kin ice cream last week), but they must have run out…of course, lame flavors are not anything that the ice cream/salad toppings bar can’t rectify…

Day 70 – October 22nd, 2007

Where is the 'good' in 'goodbye'?

Today, after dark, the Ghost Chasers from last year were back to go on a tour/hunt around campus…Patti and Chip led the way into the moldering sanctum of the spirit world, with a fairly large group tagging along…Being one of the few total skeptics, I made silly remarks all throughout (it seems like the Ghost Chasers may have lost some of their sense of humor about their line of work)…I took a lot of pictures, mostly of empty rooms in the unused resident hall, which proved lame b/w inconclusive to me, but to the Ghost Chasers were good evidence of the supernatural…

Day 71 – October 23rd, 2007

It's a dead man's party

There were even a few people there from the Times Herald there, and they were doing little interviews to be used on their website in the near future…yes, I talked to them and said how I am very skeptical and how I don’t think that the weird things showing up on my camera are anything more than weird things showing up on my camera…when they asked why I came back for another tour this year if I don’t believe in the whole thing, I simply responded,

“I like to be entertained”

Keep a weather eye on their site to see me rain on other people’s parade!

I can hardly wait to get my Hallowe’en threads ready to wear!

Lyric of the Time:
Tonight I’m all alone in my room
I’ll go insane if you won’t sleep with me
Or still be with you
I’m gonna meet you on the astral plane


~ by E. on October 24, 2007.

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