Super Spooky Friday 5!

Beck – “Time Bomb”

Friend of Beck: “Hey man, dance-punk is back…”

Beck: “Whatever, dude, I’ll show those guys how it’s done.”

Harry Nilsson – “Me and My Arrow” from The Point!

When listened to out of the context of Nilsson’s 1971 children’s fable, the song is just another pretty nonsensical musing (akin to “Coconut”)…but when you take in the tale of the only round-headed boy in the Land Of Point, whose only true friend is his dog, Arrow, an adorable, vulnerable quality shines through that makes this one of the iconoclastic singer’s most beloved tunes…

Coconut Records – “Nighttiming” from Nighttiming

If ever there was a modern over-achiever in the performance media, Jason Schwartzman would be it…with a new album and a new film in the same year, it’s hard to think of the former Phantom Planet drummer as having enough energy to make this upbeat tune at all!…not only does Schwartzman play every instrument on the album, but the saccharin sweetness of this song and “West Coast” are enough to make any “The O.C.” fan swoon…

Sigue Sigue Sputnik – “Love Missile F1-11” from Flaunt It

Generation X’s bassist, Tony James, formed this crazy pop/cyberpunk band in the mid-‘80s…seriously, when else could you have gotten away with the array of sound effects and whacked-out electronica found on this tune than the mid-‘80s?…the fact that James now performs with Mick Jones as Carbon/Silicon shouldn’t be much of a surprise, as Big Audio Dynamite’s music was something close to Sigue Sigue Sputnik…that is, if anything could be close to their music…Incidentally, former lead guitarist Neal X works with Marc Almond

The Twilight Sad – “Mapped By What Surrounded Them” from Fourteen Autumns And Fifteen Winters

If you thought that Eddie Argos’s accent was something to marvel at, this band of Scottish lads are sure to baffle you…with their thick brogues and thicker arrangements, the Wall Of Sound meets The Proclaimers is definitely the ruling for yet another band that Pitchfork probably loves too much…


~ by E. on October 26, 2007.

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