All-Together Ooky

On Sunday, there was a performance by Sol Y Canto downstairs at World Caf Live…it was their Da de los Muertos concert, and they had a traditional shrine area set up in the downstairs…not only was it beautiful, but the candles were of a very pleasant scent that filled the air throughout the building…

Day 76 – October 28th, 2007

My siestas are getting shorter and shorter...

The performers on the Folk Show were many and loud, the latter of which gave me a headache…nonetheless, I can now tell everyone that I mixed a band that has a hurdy-gurdy (though I would have opted for a harmonuim instead)…

As I mentioned before, the Temple Ambler newspaper came out at the end of last week…The first of a series of music articles by yours truly is featured in it, and I will post that in just a moment…Also, the Hallowe’en supplement with an article I wrote about Hallowe’en movies is out, and I will likewise post that…

Last night, some trick-or-treaters came by, and I gave them eyeballs…I couldn’t decide whether to make yesterday’s picture show the eyeballs or the copies of the newspaper, so I went with both!

Day 77 – October 29th, 2007

All hail the eye!

In Film class, we watched The Silence Of The Lambs in preparation for group presentations (which are tomorrow)…my group, which will discuss film genre (psychological thriller in particular), is going first, and should be a good time…

We learned about electronic music as a media technology in Media In Everyday Life today…incidentally, the first clips he showed were of The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show…after parts of a movie about Lon Theremin, we saw bits of a movie about rave culture that featured interviews with BT, Wolfgang Flr and DJ Spooky…the point was that The Beatles made audiences get thrown into an organized frenzy much like the techno of raves do, and that electronic music has evolved from the classical setting (early theremin compositions had the instrument play parts much like a violin) to drum machines and such…then I listened to “Blue Monday”…

As I was leaving this morning, I spotted an electric car parked mysteriously on campus…

Day 78 – October 30th, 2007

ng for peanuts is all very fine

You save that environment, LittleCar…

In today’s Y-Rock eNewsletter, there’s a review I did of David Gahan‘s new album…I suppose I’ll post that along with the other articles…

Tomorrow is time to scare things!

Lyric of the Time:
You don’t know how long I’ve been,
Watching the lantern dim,
Starved of oxygen,
So give me your hand,
And let’s jump out the window.


~ by E. on October 30, 2007.

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