Hang The DJ: Tasteful Thoughts On Music

It’s hard to say what a year in music will end up yielding. Who knows if your favorite summer album will hold its own against what comes out for the holiday season? The best we can do is to not get overwhelmed by what is out there, something I hope to help you with.
When it comes to breakout bands, none have impressed me more than British electronic trio Fujiya & Miyagi. Their mix of funky guitar work and classic krautrock has no doubt gotten more spins on my CD player than any other record this year.   Catching up to them, though, is the newest release from Wilco: Sky Blue Sky. Decidedly easier on the ears than 2004’s A Ghost Is Born, the album is a dreamy affair that is not without its fair share of modest freak-outs. Indie-pop sisters Tegan & Sara’s newest, The Con, melds their tried-and-true hooks and harmonies with a darker, more mature edge.
For those of you who are not interested in listening to full albums, dig the new single from Beck. “Timebomb” isn’t on any album (yet), but it certainly ranks with some of the alt-rock guru’s best. Similarly, the soundtrack to the upcoming film Kurt Cobain: About A Son features music that influenced the Nirvana leader. This includes a version of Beat Happening’s “Indian Summer” as performed by Ben Gibbard of Death Cab For Cutie and The Postal Service.
Though he recently relocated to New York, Jeffrey Marsh released his debut EP, Wood + Water, with a show at his old stomping grounds in Philadelphia. The music, a mix of cabaret, folk and a little bit of punk, is emotional and often delicate in its arrangements. Another local mainstay, Birdie Busch, is currently promoting her new album, Penny Arcade. It proves to be another step in her eclectic and delightful musical career.
Where would we be without the classics, you ask? Well, it just so happens that there are some older recordings that have only recently found their way to my ears. Experimental synthpop pioneers The Art Of Noise, ‘80s rockabilly revivalists The Polecats and Philadelphia’s own Dead Milkmen have been recent favorites of mine, though the bands themselves may have moved on.
That should do it for today, but if there’s anything I’ve missed, feel free to let me know. Odds are you’ll find me in the used LP section, wondering how many more Cure albums I need.



~ by E. on October 31, 2007.

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