Shoot That Poison Arrow…

For one reason or another, I listened to 26 albums by 26 artists in alphabetical order since Saturday afternoon…I went by the way iTunes indexes them, so individual artists are listed by the first letter of their first name, not their last name (like I would prefer)…so here they are:

Animal CollectiveStrawberry Jam

Black FrancisBluefinger

Cocteau TwinsThe Pink Opaque

The Decemberists Picaresque

Electric SixI Shall Exterminate Everything Around Me That Restricts Me From Being The Master

Franz FerdinandFranz Ferdinand

Gang Of FourEntertainment!

Hot Hot HeatHappiness, Ltd.

Inara GeorgeAll Rise

Jenny Lewis with the Watson TwinsRabbit Fur Coat

Kraftwerk The Man-Machine

Loretta LynnVan Lear Rose

Moxy FrvousYou Will Go To The Moon

New RadicalsMaybe Youve Been Brainwashed, Too

Okkervil RiverThe Stage Names

Peter GabrielPeter Gabriel (Melt)

QueenQueen II

The RaconteursBroken Boy Soldiers

Squirrel Nut ZippersThe Inevitable

Tubeway ArmyReplicas

Under The Influence Of GiantsUnder The Influence Of Giants

VHS Or BetaBring On The Comets

Weather ReportHeavy Weather



The ZombiesOdessey & OracleI did my best to mix things up as far as genre and era goes, but I will need some more ‘Q’ artists if I intend to do this again without repeating bands…if you have the means to do a similar experiment, by all means let me know what you end up listening to…

Yesterday, as you remember remember, was the Fifth of November…it also happened to be the Y-Rock year-end staff meeting…almost all of the DJ’s were there, as well as a few XPN honchos (“honchoes”?)…we talked about music (naturally), as well as ways to market ourselves to the fullest, and came up with a bunch of really good ideas…there was a list of XPN’s goals for Y-Rock written on one of the many dry-erase boards in the conference room…

Day 84 – November 5th, 2007 Check it twice...

If you are curious as to what the general feelings of the people called to a meeting are, take a look at my buddy Steve’s blog about just that

…and speaking of Y-Rock, I’m on this Friday from 11am-3pm eastern…filling in for Jess Cross means that I get to do the Nooner, Y-Rock’s hour of classic alternative…if you have any requests, leave a comment or send me an e-mail

Today was Election Day…goodness knows who I voted for aside from Uncle McCaffrey, but I saw my old friend Colleen at the sign-in table…

Day 85 – November 6th, 2007

I sure miss the old, giant voting booths with the industrial arms that could rip your fingers right off your hand if you weren’t careful…those were the days…

A woman passed out in my Media In Everyday Life class today…were dismissed about 45 minutes early, and Medical Services were called…my teacher sent an e-mail thanking us for leaving so promptly and orderly, but gave no indication as to how the woman is doing…

I registered for classes for next semester this morning…I’ve got an Intro to Radio class that is very long, a Jewish Studies class, and almost all of Wednesdays off…and, of course, no classes on Fridays…go me…

Tomorrow, one of my classes has been cancelled in advance, so I guess I’ll have more time to practice for the Holiday Show…


Lyric of the Time:
September gurls do so much
I was your butch and you were touched
I loved you well never mind
I’ve been crying all the time
December boys got it bad.


~ by E. on November 7, 2007.

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