Last year, I took a class on web design, in which I learned how to use DreamWeaver (a miraculous program)…The resulting site was a lot of fun to make, and turned out quite well, if I do say so myself…We had the freedom to make the sites about whatever we wanted, as long as it was some aspect of our lives…I remember the teacher, Chris, saying that a girl in a past class did a site all about her favorite hobby: Suspension (a pasttime that is decidedly NOT for the faint of heart!!)…

This year, I’m taking a strikingly similar class (I posted a few PhotoShop assignments a while back), and we have gotten around to the web design portion…needless to say, I am still very comfortable with DreamWeaver, even though I haven’t used it extensively in several months…the biggest difference about the site, aside from the content (it’s supposed to be a guide for incoming Temple students), is that it’s a group project…Since I have used the various programs before and said that I would be willing to in a survey at the beginning of the semester, I was assigned to be the leader of my group…flattering, yes, but with great responsibility comes more responsibility…so far, things have been going very well, with me tackling most of the design and programming stuff, while guiding the other members along the way in an effort to help them learn some basics about the programs…I’ll be sure to post a link to the final site once it exists, but for now, here’s a shot of my in-progress work on the homepage (I suggested a Victorian, pirate-y theme for the New Student Guide-ness)…

Day 92 – November 13th, 2007

Ye come seekin' adventure in salty ol' students, eh?

There’s a chance I’ll be working as a Teacher’s Assistant in Chris’s class this coming semester, which would be rather neat…

Yesterday, there was some sort of world culture fair in the Bright Hall lounge (where smaller seminars and fairs are held), so they had the placed decked out with flags of the world…of course, the flags were still hanging up when we were rehearsing for the Holiday Show…

Day 93 – November 14th, 2007

We are the world

A few of the people at the rehearsal were debating which flags stood for which countries….it was mind-numbing…Incidentally, someone asked me the other day if I was still doing that “Take a picture everyday thing“…guess what my answer was?…

Today was a rainy day…there really haven’t been many of them recently, so it was rather refreshing…if only it wasn’t so damn cold…when I got back home, Dad and I went to IKEA in search of more CD shelves…no luck with those, but I did get a pretty cool set of bed-related items…namely, a pillow case and quilt cover…on our way back from Tambler, we stopped at Wawa, where I satisfied the New Product Whore inside me by getting an order of their new pancakes…because if it’s new, I’ll probably try it once…

Day 94 – November 15th, 2007

Almost looks good enough to eat really quickly, huh?…well, I’ll have you know that I supplied my own butter and syrup, choosing to discard Wawa’s non-specific “Breakfast Syrup”…

Tomorrow is Y-Rock Day, hooray hooray…


Lyric of the Time:
You got me lookin’ up high
You got me searchin’ down low
You got me I know you know
You got me jerkin’ back ‘n’ forth


~ by E. on November 16, 2007.

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