A Friday 5!

Devo – “Watch Us Work It”

Recorded for Mutato Muzika, Gerry Casale, Bob and Mark Mothersbaugh’s music production company, the one-off single from the greatest thing to ever happen to geeks and flowerpots can be seen in a Dell commercial…the tune was produced by Swedish techno masters Teddybears (formerly Teddybears STHLM)…since 1996’s Smooth Noodle Maps, the members of Devo have spearheaded such projects as The Wipeouters, Jihad Jerry & The Evildoers, and the infamous, Disney-backed Devo 2.0

The Raveonettes – “Dead Sound” from Lust Lust Lust

The Scandinavian duo with a taste for retro American rock return with a record that’s more Jim and William Reid than Phil Spector…according to an interview with a Danish radio station, the band has replaced their live drums and bass with programming for this, their newest album (due out in the States early next year)…naturally, there’s plenty of reverb and walls of noise to go around, two things that The Raveonettes have never been short on…

Orange Juice – “Falling And Laughing” from You Can’t Hide Your Love Forever

Easily called the Father of Indie-Rock’s Scottish Accent, Edwyn Collins’ impeccable skill at crafting perfect, jangly pop songs is shamefully overlooked…a hero to most of Belle & Sebastian, Collins later found fame with “A Girl Like You” from his Gorgeous George album…from Orange Juice’s debut, this song set the standard for the pop that would later come in the form of The Smiths, among others…

The Redwalls – “Build A Bridge” from De Nova

Way back when the Chicago-based band was signed to Capitol, they released an album that just about summed up The Beatles’ entire career in 13 songs…this ballad, which got heavy airplay on WXPN, was one of the best retro-rock songs in recent memory…now, signed to Drexel’s Mad Dragon label (home of Matt Duke and Hoots & Hellmouth), The Redwalls just released a self-titled album that definitely follows the Yankee Hotel Foxtrot effect of a band releasing a kickass album after being dropped by their major label…

Nick Gilder – “Hot Child In The City” from City Nights

The only reason I chose this song was to point out that Nick used to be in a Canadian glam band called Sweeney Todd (they had a hit, “Roxy Roller” in 1975)…when he left the band for a solo career, his eventual replacement was a 16-year-old Bryan Adams…goes to show that long before Broken Social Scene, there were only so many Canadian musicians to go around…


~ by E. on November 16, 2007.

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