Under Review: Carbon/Silicon – The Last Post

Prior to their memberships in two of history’s most legendary punk bands, Mick Jones and Tony James were in a group called London SS. Breaking up before ever recording an album, Jones joined The 101ers’ lead singer, Joe Strummer, to form The Clash, while James formed Generation X with the man who would later become Billy Idol. Both men had great success with their bands, and eventually spearheaded more adventurous projects in the 80s. Mick Jones and Tony James have reunited in recent years as Carbon/Silicon, a mostly internet-based band who have been releasing full albums and EPs for download on their website since 2003. This new project greatly reflects the more grown-up visions of the duo’s later bands, Jones’ Big Audio Dynamite and James’ Sigue Sigue Sputnik. Beginning with a chugging rocker, “The News”, The Last Post (Carbon/Silicon’s first physical release) has Jones sounding as good as ever. Instantly recognizable as the voice of “Train In Vain” and “The Bottom Line,” Jones’ songwriting remains smart, political and playful (or all three on tracks like “The Whole Truth”). More than anything, though, is the striking similarities between Carbon/Silicon’s music and that of the Joe Strummer’s final project, The Mescaleros. Fusing genres was never foreign to either Jones or James, and the inflections of punk, garage, electronica and reggae makes The Last Post as immediately likeable as any of the previous work from these punk icons.


~ by E. on December 5, 2007.

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