Having a billboard time!

Naturally, the day after my earphones broke, the strap on my Homestar bag did the same…On my way to the train, it simply broke right from the stitches…luckily, I had another bag at home, and that has become my re-new bag (since I actually got this one long before the Homestar one)…

Day 123 – December 14th, 2007

Music is my bag

I’m pretty sure I used the Strong Bad bag at least once as a carry-on to Vegas or Disneyland, and the inside zipper still works (unlike the Homestar bag)…XPN was a pretty good time…the Free at Noon concert with Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings was at the TLA, so the building was fairly empty for a Friday…as you saw on my playlst, I got to count down songs from my Top 10 albums of the year…It’s bittersweet to finally post that list…I mean, I’ve been compiling it all year and now it’s done…on to 2008, I guess!

Saturday, I work up bright and early to buy Wilco tickets…it’s a good thing I did (wake up early, that is), because the tickets sold out within 10 minutes of them going on sale…I am quite excited, considering that this will not only be my first time seeing Wilco, but also my first show at the Tower Theater…if you did not get your hands on Wilco tickets, fear not, because I’ll be giving away a pair of them in the 3:00pm (eastern) hour on Y-Rock tomorrow…

Day 124 – December 15th, 2007

Dad is hoping that they do at least a few of the songs of theirs that he knows…as you can see, we don’t own their 2 most experimental albums (not on CD, anyway), but I’m looking forward to seeing what is considered a terrific live band…

On Sunday, Mom, Dad, Erin and I went to New Jersey for my uncle’s surprise birthday party…it was at a very pretty country club, and there was a pretty good buffet…there was also a very well-stocked dessert buffet, which we took part in quite eagerly…

Day 126 – December 16th, 2007

Augustus, sweetheart, save some room for later!

Unfortunately, the best part about eating the chocolate mousse was using the tiny spoon…it was a lot of fun, though, even if it was really cold in the dining room…we also got our picture taken with a Santaman, so I’ll probably put that up on MySpace soon…

In keeping with the food theme, I made one of those Betty Crocker dessert guys on Monday…I’ve had a few different kinds in the past, but we just found a Chocolate Chip Cookie-type one…it comes with a little thing of icing/incining, and they encourage you to make neat little stripes of icing on the finished cake…I had my own plans, though, and went all Jackson Pollock on it…

Day 126 – December 17th, 2007

Bye Bye Badman

Dad and I went out for pizza after my day at XPN on Tuesday…I spent the say working on my old favorite project, the Sonic Session archives…I was putting in info so that the computer system would be able to tell the Sonic Session versions of songs apart from the album versions…that way, it will know not to put the songs too close together when scheduling music…on the up side, though, I got to listen to a bunch of albums while I was working, and they will likely show up in the Friday 5 tomorrow…on our way to get the pizza, we went to the supermarket to get soda…apparently, there was a sale on 12 packs of soda, so we got enough to last us forever…

Day 127 – December 18th, 2007

And there was a time when all I wanted was my Ice cream a little colder, and a little cream soda

I honestly think that the soda will be taking over shortly…

Last night, after another day at XPN (and walking in with Jim Boggia in the morning), was Sean Altman‘s Jewmongous…it was a lot of fun, especially for Jews…I got a bunch of good pictures, including one with me, Sean, Paul Sabourin, (formerly of Da Vinci’s Notebook, currently of Paul And Storm), and Cyndi Kaplan (also known as Cynthia)…Sean did a bunch of songs from his new album, Taller Than Jesus, but, of course, I knew almost all of them already…He did a lot of songs from his days with What I Like About Jew, such as “Jews For Jesus”, from which this picture comes:

Day 128 – December 19th, 2007

Of course, my headphones broke (again), but to celebrate the grades I got this semester (all A’s, hooray!), Dad and I are going to get some new ones…

Until tomorrow, when I am on Y-Rock from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm eastern, BYE! 


Lyric of the Time: 
My phone’s on vibrate for you 
But still I never ever feel from you 
Pinocchio’s now a boy 
Who wants to turn back into a toy


~ by E. on December 20, 2007.

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