Garry crimble to you

As I told you I would, I got some new headphones just in time for my Y-Rock shift on Friday…

Day 129 – December 20th, 2007

That was a good drum break

Not unlike the headphones that are in each studio at XPN, mine are the next smallest size…while they really shouldn’t have a drawstring bag (since this model does no fold up into itself like the model above it), the fella at Sam Ash was kind enough to find a spare one…Dad and I were pretty sure we had seen the guy who helped us before…I thought that he had helped us at a previous visit to Sam Ash, but Dad thought that this guy used to live in the apartment across from him and Mom when they lived in the Northeast…weird, huh?

After a very long shift on Y-Rock this past Friday, I came home to a neat treat: new Cheesecake pies from Tastykake

Day 130 – December 21st, 2007


While they weren’t quite as good as the seasonal Caramel Apple pies, they were much better than the Egg Nog pies…

The aforementioned really long shift on Y-Rock was a lot of fun, but I’m sure that I will have even more fun when I guest-host the Old School Punk Rock Nooner this coming Wednesday at, of all times, Noon eastern…I’ll be on from 12-4, and then again on Friday from 3-7…hooray!

On Saturday, we made the wise decision to go to Willow Grove Mall…we got a lot of neat stuff at The Disney Store, and we even bumped into Y-Rock’s Cat while taking stuff out to the car…we got a really good parking spot that was very close to the Mall, and it was very funny when Dad and I brought a whole bunch of bags out to the car, only to not leave after putting them in the back…it was a great feeling…I got a couple of rockabilly-themed stuff at, of all places, Hot Topic and Best Buy…

Day 131 – December 22nd, 2007

You're underage and God knows that's a crime

Those will both go well with my leopard-print shoes, which apparently are of the “Creeper” variety…

We had some more coupons to use (namely one for music at Borders)…I got three CD’s there, namely:

Modest MouseSad Sappy Sucker
The Beach BoysSunflower/Surf’s Up
Bix Beiderbecke – At The Jazz Band Ball

If you are not familiar with the fascinating character that was Bix Beiderbecke, I highly recommend reading up about him…

On the way from Borders to somewhere else, I spotted an A&W, so we stopped in for some root beer…

Day 132 – December 23rd, 2007

oo' be'ay

That night, there were no guests on The Folk Show, which finally gave me time to put together a session CD for the Tin Bird Choir…along the way, I showed Gene some of the basics of Audacity, a free audio-editing program…on my way out, I noticed that some had spray-painted graffiti on two of the front windows of the building…one on the World Cafe Live door, and on one of the windows of the XPN office…I found it to be utterly disgusting, and I was surprised that, in a place so busy and populated (there are almost always people chatting and smoking outside of the building), no one stopped whoever did this…ugh…

We picked up Erin on our way home from XPN, and went to IHOP, where we almost got everything we needed to have a nice breakfast/dinner…well, we did get everything eventually, but it took waaaay too long…oh well…

Today, though, should be more festive…Robert Drake is in the (something)th hour of The Night Before on XPN, a 24 hour spectacular of Robert’s eclectic collection of holiday music…

Day 133 – December 24th, 2007

My mind is filled with radio cures

He’s been playing a whole lot of great stuff since Midnight this morning (!!), and you can tune in to hear him until Midnight tonight (!!!!) on 88.5 WXPN in Philadelphia, a million different local affiliates, or online, too!…

Tomorrow is something, but we’re probably going to see “Sweeney Todd” tomorrow night…


Lyric of the Time:
Chain-store chain-smoke
I consume you all
Chain-gang chain-mail
I don’t think at all


~ by E. on December 24, 2007.

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