Friday 5 is bohemian like you

James – “Laid” from Laid
One of those songs you most definitely know, even if you don’t know the title or the band, the Manchester band’s most well-known song brought in a tamer “Madchester” sound than was present through the ‘80s…more in the vein of The Charlatans than the Mondays or Roses, James didn’t score too many hits, and disbanded in 2001…however, the band is back on tour with original singer Tim Booth, and is planning a record for 2008…
Kate Nash – “Foundations” from Made Of Bricks
Apparently, now that Lily Allen is off living life with her Chemical Brother, someone has to step in and be the new, sassy voice of Britain…more piano-based than Alright, Still, Nash’s debut is very poppy, if not a bit predictable…as with The Pipettes’ album, Made Of Bricks came out several months ago in the UK and Canada, but comes out in January here in the States…
Suburban Wives Club – “Causal Cat In A Laundromat” from Casual Cat/Guru Eye 7”
A rather obscure group of musicians from the Philadelphia area, Suburban Wives Club made funky post-punk in small quantities…to my knowledge, they only recorded this single, back in the early ‘80s…sounding not unlike the Bush Tetras or modern-day no wavers Love Of Diagrams, the Wives are just one of those bands that I wish I knew more about…
John Cale – “Paris 1919” from Paris 1919
While you might think otherwise, John Cale had a bunch of surprisingly accessible records throughout the ‘70s…Paris 1919 is probably the former Velvet’s most popular record among newcomers, and its catchy, lightly-orchestrated title track makes it a great starting place for the unusual songwriter’s genre-defying career…without the screeching viola of The Velvet Underground’s early work, or the demented screams found on 1974’s Fear, even people who have an aversion to avant-garde will enjoy this piece of classy pop…
The Swimmers – “St. Cecilia” from Fighting Trees
Without a doubt, if The Swimmers would have released their album in a more widespread/traditional manner this year (rather than for download on their website), they would have equaled Dr. Dog in ‘Best Music from Philadelphia in 2007’…that said, the power-pop of “St. Cecilia”, “Heaven” and the other tracks on the record are extremely familiar sounding…a similar phenomenon to the feeling one gets when hearing Dr. Dog’s We All Belong…even if you don’t know these songs, you totally know these songs…



~ by E. on December 28, 2007.

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