Hat and Fizz

First of all, Happy New Year to the lot of ya…

Now that that’s out of the way, listen to this:

I finally wrote Thank You cards for Hannukah gifts…I even designed the cards myself…

Day 139 – December 30th, 2007 That's the thanks I get

I’m not sure what my nail polish was doing out there (moral support?), but in each card, I threw in words like “fantabulous” and “super-happy”…as I have said before, there’s never a bad time for mild absurdity…

There were no guests on The Folk Show, which gave me some time to go through my iTunes library and clear some things out that I never really intend to listen to…you’d be surprised how much room I made by getting rid of so many albums…all the more space on my various hard drives to fill up once again with music I won’t listen to…oh bother…

Yesterday, Mom, Dad and I went to Atlantic City…we dropped our stuff off at our apartment in Ventnor (defiantly rolling our suitcase through the lobby) and headed to the Showboat and Taj Mahal area of the boardwalk…we had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe, and made our way back to Showboat for our evening’s main event: seeing Elvis Costello and the Imposters at the House Of Blues…having seen Elvis perform with the Mann Centre orchestra back in September (and being less than impressed), I was excited to hear how much he supposedly rocked with this outfit…

Day 140 – December 31st, 2007 Oh Oh Oh Ohhhhh...

…and that makes two Elvis Costello pictures in my Project 365…well, rocked he did, and a great show it was…he did mostly early stuff, with a few more recent tunes thrown in here and there…some interesting choices, too, like “Uncomplicated” and, from my favorite album of his, “Beyond Belief”…whatever lameness his image suffered in my mind following the show at the Mann, was more than made up for last night…now, if only the shirts at the merch table weren’t so damn expensive…

This morning, we met up with my aunt and uncle who live near Atlantic City and had brunch at a country club/Mariott…the food was pretty good, especially biscuits and itty-bitty muffins…we had a lovely chat about whatever, and headed back to the apartment to get our stuff and come home…I decided to take a few pictures from the balcony from our room, and the sky looked really neat…

Day 141 – January 1st, 2008 Down here it's just winners and losers

…and how do you like that?…it’s totally 2008…

Going in to XPN tomorrow, and out to dinner with (another) aunt and uncle (plus a cousin) tomorrow night…wish me luck…rhetorically, of course…


Lyric of the Time:
No, I don’t believe in luck.
No, I don’t believe in circumstance no more.
Accidents never happen in a perfect world
So I won’t believe in luck.


~ by E. on January 2, 2008.

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