What happened to my long December?

It’s so nice out, what better way to ring in some prettier weather with pictures of things that have nothing to do with anything?

Things started to go back to normal the day after New Years…we all went back to work (myself included), and many realized how New Years is totally just another day (myself included)…after coming home from XPN, Mom, Dad and I went out to dinner with my aunt, uncle and cousin…this is the same cousin who went to XPN’s summer music festival this year, and who I made a few CDs for when he came over for the night before Thanksgiving…he seemed to be a bit talkative about some of the stuff that I put on those CDs, and as a kind gesture, I made him two more: one of old-school punk (mostly what I played on the Nooner a few weeks ago), and one of modern dance music and electronica…I figure that if I keep making him CDs of different genres, I’m bound to hit something eventually…we had dinner at our (former) favorite restaurant, Tortillas…I say “former” because they changed owners a while back, and neither the food nor the service has been as good ever since…oh well…at least they still know how to decorate…

Day 142 – January 2nd, 2008 Out of the night, when the full moon is bright...

Since we are so worldly, we ordered from Roman Delight, a pretty good Italian restaurant, the very next night…I always get a kick out of seeing holiday-specific stuff after the holiday has passed…Christmas is an especially hilarious example…you can have “winter” themed stuff from December through February without anyone batting an eye, but if you have Santa on something even the day after Christmas, consider yourself ridiculous…I used to think that Hallowe’en was the same way, but after four Bats Days, I realize that everyday is Hallowe’en…case in point for post-Christmas invasion of Christmas-themed stuff:

Day 143 – January 3rd, 2008 Want a splendid pie

Actually, I may take it back…this clearly shows what Santa does the day after Christmas…just another guy and his reindeer trying to make an honest living…you and me both, Claus…

Since Mom has opened her eBay Store, she’s been selling just about everything…one of these things has been unused “rails” of drinks from our Flavia drink machine…while most of the flavors of teas, coffees and the like have been really good, there have been a few that are less that really good…unfortunately, this includes their chai tea…it always is very watery and all-around blecchy…luckily, I have a chai mix that makes a very good tasting chai, and this has been a very good friend of mine over the past few days…

Day 144 – January 4th, 2007 To life, to life!

My show on Y-Rock on Friday was very good (of course)…fellow DJ and devout listener Adrienne sent me an IM while I was in the studio playing “Chicken Outlaw” by Wide Boy Awake, which is a very silly song by a short-lived band formed by a former bassist of Adam & The Ants…she said that she thought the song was unusual, but then remembered that I was the DJ who was on at the time…I enjoy being the unpredictable one…

On Saturday, Mom, Dad and I went to Neshaminy Mall…I subscribe to a belief that you see at least one thing everyday that makes you turn your head and simply say, “Hm, well that’s interesting”…at the mall (which is interesting enough on its own), we saw an older woman in the main aisle frantically calling out for someone (presumably another member of her party) in a foreign language that we didn’t recognize…and she was doing so at the top of her lungs…towards the other end of the mall, a young boy was shouting out the same thing (at the top of his lungs, too), and the two were walking in totally opposite directions from each other…”Hm, well that’s interesting”…

We headed over to Target to get some socks (which appear to disappear around here)…we saw a new line of clothes from David Bowie, and I think I may need to get a few items from it…in the meantime…

Day 145 – January 5th, 2008 ____ it to me

On Sunday, the Folk Show had two musical guests: Sharon Katz and Peace Train and Marc Silver and the Stonethrowers…the first group was a full band, which needed to have all sorts of microphones and cables set up…the second group brought their own omni-directional microphone that picked up all of the singers as well as their instrument…the first group was good…the second group are my heroes…I did, in my opinion, a pretty good mix for the first group considering how many things there were to mix…

Day 146 – January 6th, 2007 It Started With A Mixx

Of course, that’s not me at the board…that would be Matt, who taught (and continues to teach) me how to use the board…I think I have it down pretty good, but there’s always room for more…Upstairs at World Café Live that night was the Lefty Lucy Cabaret, featuring (among other, less good acts) Jeffrey Marsh and Rick Sorkin…they were really good, and they seemed even better after seeing some of the other performances…

Today, after my newly added Y-Rock shift (Monday mornings from 9:00am to 12:00noon eastern), I did some assorted Y-Work…In addition to my project of finding appropriate World Café sessions to put into our system, I am going through all of the eNewsletter sign-up sheets from concerts from the past six (or so) months, making a spreadsheet of all of the contact info…mind-numbingly interesting, I know, but the payoff is that after I am done with a packet of sheets, I get to shred them…and that’s always fun, no matter what…

Day 147 – January 7th, 2007 Rip her to shreds

So now I think I have a head cold, or something of the sort (what am I, a big doctor?)…I can barely hear out of my left ear, and I feel more tired than usual…maybe some more tea and cartoons will make me fell better…or maybe I should shred some more things…


Lyric of the Time:
When a chick is smilin’ at you
Even though there’s nothin’ said
You stand there like a statue
Jack, you’re dead


~ by E. on January 8, 2008.

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