Friday 5 is full of jive

Gary Numan – “This Wreckage” from Telekon

Though “Cars”, arguably the biggest song of Numan’s career, gets all the love, the cohesiveness of Telekon and the two albums before it makes as much a compelling set as Bowie’s famed “Berlin Trilogy”…concluding the most accessible portion of his career, Numan presented a lyrically bleaker landscape on this album…on the re-released version of Telekon, Numan performs a composition by an even earlier electronica pioneer: turn-of-the-century French pianist Erik Satie

Robyn Hitchcock – “Idonia” from Luxor

When I saw Robyn back in 2004, this song made a big impression on me…having only heard a few of his songs before then (and being snubbed by him shortly after then), this song from the original “freak folkie” is a great example of Hitchcock’s classic blend of the tender and absurd…

Mates Of State – “A Duel Will Settle This” from Our Constant Concern

Husband and wife duo Mates Of State garnered some attention with their fourth release, Bring It Back, last year, but they have been making quirky electronic-tinged pop for just over eight years…with a new album in the works, Kori and Jason are sure to let loose another batch of multi-movement tunes, each with more melodies than most bands have in their entire catalogue…

Drywall – “Buried The Pope (Blues For John Paul)” from Barbeque Babylon

Only Stan Ridgway could devise such a “tribute” to the fallen religious leader…complete with backwards harmonica, Ridgway and his most experimental project could easily have caused controversy with this song, had more people actually ever heard it…because of his obscurity, though, Ridgway has the freedom to make the creepiest, spaghetti western-est film noir music that his loyal fans can handle…

Happy Mondays – “24 Hour Party People” from Squirrel And G-Man Twenty Four Hour Party People Plastic Face Carnt Smile (White Out)

One of my favorite songs of the ‘80s, the Mondays’ signature tune inspired an entire scene…they would find some success with their third album, the Paul Oakenfold-produced Pills ‘n’ Thrills And Bellyaches, but the Madchester staples would never achieve the success that they likely deserved…with a new album out in 2007, though, there may still be time for the Mondays to gain more widespread popularity…


~ by E. on January 11, 2008.

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