Everything but the beak and feet

With all of the free time that I have now that I am back at school, maybe I’ll make more than one update per week…we’ll see how long that lasts…

Sunday night on The Folk Show were the duo of Jennie Avila and Stephen Wright (no, not Steven Wright of K-Billy Super Sounds of the ’70s Weekend fame)…

Day 160 – January 20th, 2008 Greetings from Planet Drum

What Stephen is holding is a drum that he made…he makes ceramic drums (as well as traditional skin-topped drums) that you can get from his company, Wright Hand Drums…”Wright Hand Drums”…get it!?!…anyway, they made use of some other interesting percussion things that made a nice little racket…

I gathered stuff together on Monday to take back to the dorms, as classes started today…we went to the supermarket to get some things, including squat little Coke bottles and Dino’s S’mores Pebbles…My theory is that if you have to use (what I consider to be) a tertiary character to promote a product, maybe you should re-think the product as a whole…It might just be me, but I’ll raise an eyebrow when I see Orbity’s Space Dust-O’s…hmph…

I realized when I got all settled into my dorm that I really didn’t know what time I had classes the next day, so I did myself a favor and printed out a weekly schedule…

Day 161 – January 21st, 2008 Back to schooldays

So I had the first day of those classes…technically the second day, since it’s Tuesday, but you know what I mean…My first class is a Jewish Studies class that deals with Antisemitism and the Holocaust…not the most cheerful way to start off a semester, but that’s okay…my other Tuesday/Thursday class is called American Lives…I figure, since I’m American and I’m pretty sure I’m alive, I should have no trouble with that course…I think we’re going to focus on biographies and autobiographies from the Gilded Age and Progressive Era…if you don’t know what time span that is, perhaps you should hav read the syllabus more closely…

Speaking of reading, dig what I had to pick up at the bookstore after only two classes:

Day 162 – January 22nd, 2008 Wrapped up in books


In other news:

Heath Ledger? Dead.

Vampire Weekend show at the First Unitarian Church? Sold Out. (but I’ll be there!…if you listen to this with your eyes closed, it’s like you’re there, too)

I’m in the process of writing a 2008 Preview article for the campus newspaper…with any luck, it’ll be out sometime this year…


Lyric of the Time:
So what do you do?
Oh yeah I wait tables too
No I haven’t heard your band
‘Cuz you guys are pretty new


~ by E. on January 22, 2008.

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