Under Review: Vampire Weekend – Vampire Weekend

Sometime around 1979, Talking Heads added a heavy dash of worldbeat to their already unique brand of art-school punk. Working with Brian Eno, they created dense, layered tracks that were instant parties. Therein lies the difference between the iconoclastic new wave act and Vampire Weekend. Throughout their self-titled debut, Vampire Weekend channel the sound of late Talking Heads and the production of early Talking Heads. That is not to say that the whole record is copped from David Byrne and company. Refreshingly sparse in its arrangements, the album brings one catchy guitar riff and yelping chorus after another. Songs like “A-Punk” and “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” show off Ezra Koenig‘s distinctly reverb-less guitar. This, in particular, lends to the easygoing, intimate nature of friends hanging out in a studio that makes for a downright fun listen. Other standouts include the shout-along “One (Blake’s Got A New Face)” and their twee-meets-afropop debut single “Mansard Roof”.


~ by E. on January 29, 2008.

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