Under Review: Hot Chip – Made In The Dark

I’m not sure where he finds these people, but James Murphy has got some awesome friends. Instant party-makers Shocking Pinks and The Juan MacLean as well as experimental minimalists Prinzhorn Dance School are just a few of the artists who call DFA Records home. And as we saw with last year’s Sound Of Silver, Murphy can create a lot of fun all by himself. With Made In The Dark, Hot Chip‘s third album (and second for DFA), the world of bouncy yet occasionally somber electronica has its record for 2008. While they may have attracted scores of fans with 2006’s The Warning, the quintet turns to the style of their more soulful debut for many of the tracks on the new album. The slow tunes act as much-needed counterparts to the upbeat dance tunes. After the punch of the first four tracks, even the most skilled dancer could use the break that is “We’re Looking For A Lot Of Love”. Of course, those who are looking for a lot of jittery and joyous beats will find “Shake A Fist” (with its Todd Rundgren sample), “Bendable Poseable” and the improbably-titled “Don’t Dance” to be as boogie-inducing as “Over & Over” and “(And I Was A) Boy From School”. It makes me wonder, though, if you can somehow play ‘Sounds of the Studio’ at a concert…


~ by E. on February 5, 2008.

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