All-British Friday 5 (or Friday 3.68 in metric!)

The Honeydrippers – “Rockin’ At Midnight” from The Honeydrippers: Volume One

Made up of Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Brian Setzer, Paul Shaffer and others, the short-lived supergroup released only one EP in 1984…their version of “Sea Of Love” became the big hit (in fact, the most successful single of Plant’s career), even though it was the b-side to this more upbeat tune…in 2000, Cat Power did a version of “Sea Of Love” for The Covers Record

Clinic – “Free Not Free” from Do It!

The surgical mask-clad weirdos are back with another screehy, surfy record…this song, which along with its b-side (“Thor”!!) is available for free download from the band’s site…not as immediately catchy as 2006’s Visitations, but Clinic don’t really come off as a band that strives to be accessible…and that’s how I like it!

Rockpile – “Heart” from Seconds Of Pleasure

Another British supergroup with a thing for retro rock, Rockpile was mainly the project of Nick Lowe and Dave Edmunds…what’s neat about this song is that Nick Lowe does a very different version on one of his solo albums…while this version has a distinct “You Can’t Hurry Love” feeling, Nick’s solo version is a reggae tune…and it totally works both ways…

The Jam – “Pretty Green” from Sound Affects

Modern hipsters may be familiar with Mark Ronson and Santogold’s cover from Version, but Paul Weller sure knows how to take a political stance in a bouncy, poppy way…much like The Clash, the politics in The Jam’s music never gets too overbearing, which is not to say that I don’t like Billy Bragg…I totally do, I swear!

The Beatles – “Happiness Is A Warm Gun” from The Beatles

I really don’t know if I’ve ever written about The Beatles for a Friday 5, possibly because everything to say has already been said…that said, I love this song…I can only imagine someone’s reaction if they heard this song after only hearing The Beatles’ early records…bang bang shoot shoot…

~ by E. on February 8, 2008.

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