City on a hill

I was woken up early Saturday morning by Mom telling me that Dad wasn’t feeling well and that she was going to take him to the hospital…after a morning filled with worrying, it turned out that Dad had (and continues to have) a kidney stone…totally gross, but the fact that he was wearing these socks to the hospital made me happy:

Day 187 – February 16th, 2008 Your socks have no name so you stop the parade

He’s doing fine now, as he has medication for any pain he experiences…and in the end, isn’t that what the spirit of this time of the year is all about?…

Sunday night on The Folk Show were a pair of guests who were good to work with…I also got CD’s from a group, Twilight Hotel (with an ‘H’), who make pretty cabaret music…If you are a musician and know what various musical scales are used in cabaret music, I would be very grateful if you fill me in, as I am anxious to write or perform some cabaret-type tunes!…

When I got home Sunday night, I had what are technically known as “Square Bagel Bread”, but affectionately known as Squaregles…they are really good, and can probably be used to build things if you have enough of them…

Day 188 – February 17th, 2008 bagels˛

I saw a commercial not too long ago for these flameless candle air fresheners…there’s a light inside that mimics a flame, and it gives off a scent at the same time…since candles (or any other kind of fire things) are not allowed in the dorms (I think Frankenstein’s monster is my RA), this was a welcome addition to my poorly-mooded room…the smell is a bit perfumey, but I guess anything is an improvement over smelly room smell…

Day 189 – February 18th, 2008 Gotta change my mind before it burns out

What;s kinda neat is the way the scent is released from the thing…depending on how high you set the strength, it give off a little puff of scent every once in a while…it makes a cute little poofy sound…

This morning I went to fill out the remainder of the paperwork needed for my impending job at the Help Desk…my first day is next Tuesday, and my hours time out so that I still have nights free, so I still have plenty of time to work and go to concerts if th occasion arises…

Sometime after class, I started to feel a little lightheaded…I tried to rest for a bit, but it didn’t really help all that much (though listening to a lot of Glenn Miller took a little edge off of it)…I chased down the shuttle to the train station (not pretty), and came home to some tea and waffles…Today, Mom and Dad went back to the doctor to see Dad’s progress…apparently, they gave him a picture of the CT scan of his midsection…unfortunately, it isn’t actual size, otherwise I would have had him hold it up to himself for today’s picture…still…

Day 190 – February 19th, 2008 Well the many hands began to scan around for the next plateau

I liked doing that news in brief post…maybe I’ll do that more often so as not to totally disappear for five days every week…

Concert rundown:
2/23 – Wilco and John Doe @ Tower (aieeee!!)
3/4 – Steve Poltz @ World Cafe Live
3/7 – Lightspeed Champion @ World Cafe Live (Free show, you should totally come!)
3/28 – eels @ First Unitarian Church
3/29 – Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks and John Vanderslice (whoever that is) @ TLA
4/3 – Beach House and Papercuts @ Barbary
(4/7 – Carbon/Silicon @ World Cafe Live – I desperately need to go to this show!)
4/10 – Hot Chip @ Starlight Ballroom


Lyric of the Time:
I don’t know where I’m gonna live
Don’t know if I’ll find a place
I’d have to think about it some
And that I do not wish to face
I guess I’m counting on his
Divine Intervention


~ by E. on February 20, 2008.

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