Friday 5 has no real theme…or does it?!

Tones On Tail – “Go!” from Everything!

Yet another project from Daniel Ash, likely the forerunner to Stephin Merritt’s undeniable title of most ADD-like musician…Tones On Tail weren’t as dour as Bauhaus (barely anyone could ever be), but weren’t as pop as Love And Rockets…while they only released one album (Pop in 1984), all of their singles and EPs were finally collected in 1998, bringing more gloom to dancefloors everywhere…

Jonathan Richman – “Fender Stratocaster” from Jonathan Richman

The original indie sweetheart’s ode to his trusty guitar, “Fender Stratocaster” follows the classic Richman style of childlike tunes that are totally okay for kids and grownups…to hell with The Wiggles!…

The Raveonettes – “You Want The Candy” from Lust Lust Lust

No doubt that whenever a band that drenches their music in as much feedback and distortion as The Raveonettes do mentions “Candy” in a tune, they are referring to Psychocandy…just like The Jesus And Mary Chain, the Danish duo make a lot of noise on their fourth album (and most minimalist to date, with bass and drums replaced by programmed synthesizers)…also dig “Black/White”, their contribution to the Sound Of Color promotion…

Sparks – “Big Boy” from Big Beat

Though not an entirely successful album for Ron and Russell Mael (very few albums actually hold that distinction), Big Beat provided this song that was, along with the band, prominently featured in the movie ‘Rollercoaster’…not that you really remember that movie, but Sparks were in it, and it was one of four movies filmed in fabulous Sensurround…that might be why you don’t remember it…

Jens Lekman – “A Postcard To Nina” from Night Falls Over Kortedala

Swedish non-ABBA pop sensation Lekman makes music that is somewhere between Belle & Sebastian and, well, ABBA…a sweet tune about his faking a relationship with a girl who’s actually gay, “A Postcard To Nina” is just one of the completely adorable tunes from this record…and he’s totally getting his hair cut by clouds on the cover!…


~ by E. on February 22, 2008.

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