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ednesday was supposed to be some sort of lunar eclipse…the last of its kind until around 2040…of course, it was cloudy out, so if there was any eclipsing, I sure wasn’t going to see it…the sky was kinda cool looking, though, and I tried to get in a few pictures while I could still feel my fingers…

Day 191 – February 20th, 2008 There's a moon in the sky, and it's called the moon!

You might remember that I while back I was asked by a former teacher of mine to come in and talk to one of his classes about internet radio, and Y-Rock in particular (of course)…the class was mostly made up of people I knew from one class or another, and they seemed to enjoy my little presentation…they asked a few questions, including how can they hear me on Y-Rock…of course I was happy to field all their questions, especially that one…it was also made possible in part with help from my jump drive, without whom none of this could be possible…

Day 192 – February 21st, 2008 Jump yer bones

Speaking of Y-Rock, I had my fun-filled shift on Friday, and I have an extended shift this coming Friday…I’ll be on from 12:00noon – 5:00pm (eastern), so be sure to tune in!!…We got a whole bunch of new Y-Rock shirts last week…to get them out of the way, I stacked the boxes up next to some of our other shelves…while I have yet to get my own new shirt, it as so cold on Friday (in fact it snowed plenty inches that morning) that I probably could have worn all of them just to keep warm…

Day 193 – February 22nd, 2008 You tease and you flirt...

Saturday was a day that I had been waiting to arrive for a while…from the day I bought tickets during the ten minutes of availability back in December, I was looking forward to seeing Wilco live in concert…Dad and I went over to the Tower Theater and got there about 10 minutes before doors opened…we were welcomed in without being searched, and our (still) cameras were also welcomed…I immediately walked over to the XPN table to say hello to Renee, and then to the Y-Rock table to greet Matt Summers…we looked at the overpriced merchandise and settled on a few $2 “Wilco Now.” buttons…we got to our seats which were in the upper level…we were in the back row of our section, which was good since there wasn’t any place for someone to kick us the whole night (which would invariably happen at any other public spectacle)…the opener, John Doe (of X, The Knitters and a recent solo career), was just okay…I love X, and he did a few songs I recognized, but on the whole I was kinda disappointed…maybe if I were to see a show of his I would enjoy it a lot more (in fact I’m almost certain I would)…as for Jeff Tweedy and company, they were pretty good…they started with a few selections from the Mermaid Avenue series, which were a bit on the slow/boring side…once they got into songs from the new album (beginning with standout track “You Are My Face”), the show started to gain speed…while I do consider myself a big fan of Wilco, there are many of their songs (including an entire album) that I just don’t care for…they did do a few of those songs (incidentally, one of them was a brutal version of “Via Chicago”, which is on Summerteeth, my favorite album of theirs), but the songs I really liked very much outweighed those I didn’t…Tweedy has a surprisingly personable stage presence, at least when he’s talking to the audience…guitarist Nels Cline and his red pants are seriously out of control, and I really wanted to give John Stirratt a hug…in all, I’m glad I went, but I’m not sure if I need to see them again (at least not until a new album comes out…unless that album is A Ghost Is Born…Again)…

During one of the last tunes, Tweedy starting doing a little dance…for some reason, the crowd went nuts…

Day 194 – February 23rd, 2008 I am so out of tune with you

Sunday night, after a nice recovery from the previous night’s activities, was The Folk Show with…Chuck Elliott!?…Gene was at a Folk Alliance conference (not at a creepy resort in the Catskills), and Chuck was filling in for him…you can always tell when Chuck is in for Gene when you see the numerous stacks of CDs that he has pulled from the library and his own collection, some of which don’t even get touched over the course of the night…

Day 195 – February 24th, 2008

…of course, there were even more behind the computer screens and on the other side of the desk…it’s always a bit disorienting to see Chuck at that time of the evening, since I’m so used to working with him during the Saturday Sleepy Hollow portion of the fund drive…anyway, the night went well…Gene would have been proud…

Today, after Radio class, I went with fellow Intro to Radio-ites Lindsay and Ani to the dining center for a “nutritious” breakfast…at least I got a pump-a-kin pie crepe (I wasn’t going to wait patiently for the Marshmallow Fluff to arrive for a Fluffernutter crepe) and cup of Einstein Brothers coffee…still no sign of completion of the Einstein Brothers proper, but for now the coffee will do (and damn fine coffee it is)…I wrote a paper on the book I read about John Henry, and was about to set off for Ambler when I decided that I would take a picture of the present that Mom brought back for me from Virginia…

Day 196 – February 25th, 2008 Well I want a little sweetness down in my soul

That, friends, is a (very long) piece of real sugar cane…when she asked the girl at the Virginia supermarket where she got it what one can do with raw sugar cane, Mom was told that people shave off the bark and chew it until their teeth rot out…yum!…

I’m pretty sure I just heard someone listening to The Nylon Curtain in the work lounge downstairs…what the hell year is this?!?…


Lyric of the Time:
You can lead and I will follow
See us dancing cheek to cheek
You’ll remember me tomorrow
But you won’t give a damn by Wednesday Week


~ by E. on February 26, 2008.

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