Friday 5-O-Rama!

Mike Doughty – “Put It Down” from Golden Delicious

Sure, it sounds way similar to “Super Bon Bon”, but I think it’s okay of someone reuses one of their own melody lines (just ask John Fogerty)…Doughty’s new album is pretty good, veering a little closer to the whack pop of Soul Coughing while maintaining the accessible singer-songwriter feel of Haughty Melodic

Arcade Fire – “Black Wave/Bad Vibrations” from Neon Bible

Two moody songs wrapped up into a big moody package, “Black Wave/Bad Vibrations” plays out like a mini-Neon Bible…the girl-group-on-absinthe “Bad Vibrations” actually comes first in the medley, leading into Win Butler’s commandingly brooding “Black Wave”…there’s no way it could get any more glum, unless Robert Smith were somehow involved (which would be awesome)…

Billy Bragg – “The Milkman Of Human Kindness” from Life’s A Riot With Spy Vs. Spy

Bragg burst onto the scene with a thick accent, an electric guitar and the deserving title of The New Dylan…more than anyone else who has garnered that title over the years (with the possible exception of John Wesley Harding), Bragg has truly lived the life of a folk singer under the guise of a rock and roll star…from his collaborations with Wilco to his extensive solo catalogue, Billy Bragg is definitely our generation’s Woody Guthrie

The B-52’s – “Cake” from Mesopotamia

An attempt to record an album with David Byrne in the producer’s seat ended with a mere EP in 1982…a silly little number, “Cake” features what is possibly the most ingenious interlude: they list a whole bunch of different kinds of cakes!…mmmm…

Bob Walkenhorst – “Jan Vermeer” from The Beginner

Former leader of The Rainmakers (i.e. one of my favorite bands ever), Walkenhorst released his solo debut a few years ago…The Rainmakers were hailed as combining the music of Chuck Berry with the literate, satirical lyrics of Mark Twain (both from the band’s home state of Missouri)…“Jan Vermeer” (sort of) tells the story of the mysterious painter, whose life is actually virtually unknown to even the best art historian…


~ by E. on March 1, 2008.

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