Some sort of…Friday 5!!

Nine Inch Nails – “21 Ghosts III” from Ghosts I-IV

Guess what?!…“Treznor” released a new album on the interwebs this week, and effectively ran the NIN servers into the ground…Ghosts I-IV is made up of 36 instrumentals, ranging from quiet and haunting (not unlike Year Zero’s “Another Version Of The Truth”) to classic NIN, just without vocals…there appears to be a banjo on a few of the later tracks, and this one in particular stood out from the rest…I still can’t decide which one I like best, though!…

Nic Armstrong & The Thieves – “On A Promise” from The Greatest White Liar

If you were to listen to this without knowing who Nic Armstrong is (which probably wouldn’t be too hard), you might think that this tune is a leftover from Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire)…in actuality, The Greatest White Liar comes a full 36 years after The Kinks’ return to rock & roll…now with the renamed IV Thieves, Armstrong continues to make retro rock, though the group’s second album, If We Can’t Escape My Pretty, has the group moving into the next decade, with more glam and punk inflected material…who says you have to be original to be an original?…

Lightspeed Champion – “Tell Me What It’s Worth” from Falling Off The Lavender Bridge

Former member of noise-punks Test Icicles, Lightspeed Champion (real name Dev Hynes) makes his debut with a folksy pop record that doesn’t quite fit in amongst other Domino recording artists…if the sound of the record is similar to Bright Eyes, it’s because of the involvement of producer Mike Mogis, who has been at the helm for most of Conor’s records…Dev also has a very quirky style of fashion, kind of a thrift store chic thing, I guess you’d call it…

Jim White – “When Jesus Gets A Brand New Name” from Wrong-Eyed Jesus!

The country-tinged outsider artist Jim White is an interesting character…with tunes sorta like Daniel Johnston’s, White calls David Byrne’s Luaka Bop label home…on this track, from his 1997 debut, he very strongly channels one of his more obvious influences: the manic stomp-blues of Tom Waits

Steve Poltz – “A Brief History Of My Life” from Traveling

As if it was his major-label debut (which it isn’t), this song incorporates some of Poltz’s best-loved stories…trick-or-treating at Liberace’s house, Elvis hugging his sister for way too long, and more, they’re all here…well, not the story of Jewel and the weed-hunting federales, but everyone’s heard that one already…


~ by E. on March 7, 2008.

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