A Friday 5!!

Erik Satie – “Jeux De Gargantua” from The Electronic Spirit Of Erik Satie

Precursor to both the accessible electronica of Perrey-Kingsley as well as the minimalist experimentalism of John Cage, Satie was one weird guy…a clip from a 1963 episode of “I’ve Got A Secret” featuring John Cale who had recently performed Satie’s “Vexations”, a piece that requires the three lines of music to be repeated 840 times…yeah, right on…

The B-52’s – “Hot Corner” from Funplex

Of course new The B-52’s album is a lot of fun…that goes without saying…it’s a shame that they lost guitarist Ricky Wilson all those years ago, since his guitar’s tone was a distinctive part of the 52’s early sound…even with their new, less quirky sound, the group sounds terrific…especially on this Fred Schneider-heavy track!…

10cc – “I Wanna Rule The World” from How Dare You!

First things first, Kevin Godley and Lol Creme are strange people…take, for example, this mini-suite from the art-rockers’ 1976 record (often considered their best)…with “poison pea-shooters” and “a rock titanic”, there’s no shortage of kooky imagery…Godley and Creme went on to form a band of the same name, as well as to produce a number of innovative and memorable music videos…10cc carried on without them, and had a few minor hits afterwards (though in a decidedly toned-down direction)…

Buzzcocks – “I Believe” from A Different Kind of Tension

A very long tune (for the Buzzcocks, that is), it could be very easily mistaken for PiL…the last of their original era albums, the spine on A Different Kind Of Tension simply read, “this is only the third album”…it’s true, though; for such an influential band to only have three albums in the formative years of punk rock is quite surprising…

Gnarls Barkley – “Charity Case” from The Odd Couple

Not the breakneck insanity that is lead single “Run”, the first track on the duo’s new album is quite reminiscent of Was (Not Was), namely the funky scat chorus…I definitely like the album, but there are too many good tunes to pick a favorite so early on…


~ by E. on March 15, 2008.

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