News in Brief

Penn Jillette got eliminated from “Dancing With The Stars”…not that I have ever watcheda single episode ofthis show (though I have watched every episode of Penn‘s show), I really would have loved to have seen the big guy win some fabulous prizes…

Barack Obama is related to Brad Pitt, and Hillary Clinton to Angelina Jolie…man, I cannot wait for this damn election to be over already…

Puzzles the giraffe died at the Philadelphia Zoo…she is survived by her giraffe friends, Twigga and Stella…why are zoos so weird?

Radiohead won Y-Rock’s Modern Rock Madness…duh…you can still send in a completed bracket to get in on the contest to win a Nintendo Wii (no wee-holding required)…

Kittens are great

Disneyland’s it’s a small world. might be getting a bigger makeover than originally anticipated…while Disney geeks like me have known about the refurbishment of the ride itself to accomidate the ever-increasing weight of the average parkguest, turns out that there are also plans to incorporate Disney characters and a tribute to America into the classic attraction…and designer Mary Blair’s family isn’t too happy


~ by E. on March 26, 2008.

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