Friday 5 Raves On!

Vampire Weekend – “M79” from Vampire Weekend

As much as I like these guys right now, I’m hoping that their album will hold up against the rest of the music that comes out this year…judging from this track alone, with its faux-harpsichord and use of the word ‘callous’…last time I checked, only Elvis Costello’s “Beyond Belief” featured both of those, enough to make “M79” a winner…I have a good feeling that Vampire Weekend will be high on my favorites of 2008 list…

Neutral Milk Hotel – “Oh Comely” from In The Aeroplane Over The Sea

I remember hearing this album way back when I was in high school, and not really catching on to the indie-folk scene…I was too busy getting into post-punk and new wave to be bothered with any minor-scale dirges about vagabonds (it should be no surprise that I didn’t catch on to The Decemberists at that time, either)…now, though, the baroque pop of the Elephant Six founders is (literally) music to my ears…this album even has its own 33 1/3 book, and for good reason, too…

Cake – “Comanche” from Motorcade Of Generosity

For some reason, the first songs on bands’ first albums fascinate me…even though many groups release singles and EPs leading up to the release of a full-length, the debut album’s first track always says a lot to me about the band…this song is not to be confused with The Revels’ surf instrumental that is prominently featured in “Pulp Fiction”, Cake’s “Comanche” sets the standard for their sorta-cowboy, sorta-mariachi alt-rock…

Phantom Planet – “Do The Panic” from Raise The Dead

Yeah, diehard Phantom Planet fans may be a bit dejected that the first single from their upcoming album isn’t exactly a new song, but damn if it isn’t a great one nonetheless…hopefully this will get some of the kids who go to their shows to stay after they’ve played “California”…

The Boomtown Rats – “Wind Chill Factor (Minus Zero) from The Fine Art Of Surfacing

What’s really a shame is that Bob Geldof is known these days for his work with Live Aid (just ask Ryan Jarman)…Geldof’s work with The Boomtown Rats was some of the most awesome, jittery new wave rock and roll this side of XTC’s first album…though The Rats themselves were best known for the ballad “I Don’t Like Mondays” (which, don’t get me wrong, is a great song to be known for), their more experimental tendencies were really where they shined, coming in somewhere in the neighborhood of Pere Ubu


~ by E. on March 28, 2008.

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