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One of these days I’ll go through all of my Project 365 pictures (or at least the ones I’ve taken so far) and figure out how many pictures I have taken of similar things…subjects that immediately come to mind are pictures of concerts/performances and pictures of food…incidentally, though, I have yet to take a picture of food at a concert…then again, there are about 130 days to go, so there’s still plenty of time…

Friday was an action-packed day…Aside from the usual Y-Rock shift and subsequent Y-Work, The Raveonettes did the Free At Noon Concert…using radio magic, I got to see their whole show, and catch some of their interview for World Cafe…As I was hanging out in the Y-Rock studio with Erin and Andre (a fellow Y-Rock DJ…Andre, that is), The Raveonettes walked by in much the same fashion as Bob Mould did several weeks back…the difference, of course, being that this time I got a picture with The Raveonettes, which you can find on the MySpace

Day 227 – March 28th, 2008 You're too stupid and sissy-like to say that you want out

Their performance (along with all the other past Free at Noon shows) is available via NPR’s website

That night, Dad and I (along with several Y-Rock peoples) went to see eels at the First Unitarian Church…it was an interesting night, but not always in a good way…the show was called for 8:00, so we got there around 7:00…there was already a bit of a line forming outside, so we took our place and started behaving in a silly fashion (as usual)…we’re waiting and waiting and waiting…8:00 comes and goes and we’re still waiting outside…around 8:30, they start letting people in…we crammed about 8 (or more) people into our row, which was actually a pew…there was a large white sheet draped in front of the stage, and at around 8:50, the lights go out, and a projector begins to show a BBC documentary about E from eels and his search to understand his father…and that went on until 10 of 10…at 10:00, E takes the stage to perform a set with his partner, The Chet for about an hour and 45 minutes…the performance itself was pretty good, even if the sound was a bit off, but I really could’ve done without the documentary…maybe in a different setting, like, at home, it would have been more enjoyable, but afterward my brain hurt a bunch…anyway, here’s a bonus picture for you of E reading some fan mail…

Ice water, flyswatter gonna get you through the day

On Saturday, I had a chance to rest and watch the Phillies do what they do best in a pre-season game against the Blue Jays…oh, and in case you’re not a follower of baseball (I invoke the sport’s name very loosely when referring to what the Phillies do each season), what the Phils do best is lose…badly…Saturday night, though, everyone at the TLA won, because the Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks show was really good…I was right up against the stage (of course), and even caught a pick that Malkmus threw into the crowd (like the person who gives the foul ball they caught to the little kid next to them, I gave the pick to Erin, who was at a loss for words from her excitement, both from the pick and from being withing 2 feet of Malkmus)…the show, heavy with tunes from the fantastic new album, Real Emotional Trash, incorporated a few older songs, a Beatles cover for good measure, and some witty banter between Malkmus and his Jicks (including ex-Sleater-Kinney drummer Janet Weiss)…naturally, I got the setlist afterwards, and a signed record and buttons…the TLA technically doesn’t allow cameras to be brought in, but if you can manage to sneak one in, they won’t take it away…not wanting to risk it, I left my camera at home, in hopes that the higher-resolution setting on my phone’s camera would do for the evening…I was pleasantly surprised with the results, though I know I could’ve gotten much better pictures with my camera…

Day 228 – March 29th, 2008 Shake me off the knife because I want to go home

The reason I brought up the fact that I want to see how many pictures of certain things I have taken is because Sunday’s picture is also of a guy with a guitar…namely, Philadelphia’s own Jim BoggiaJim was the guest on The Folk Show last night, and played many songs from his upcoming album, as well as a few old favorites and some covers to boot…you can watch a few videos that I took over at the Josh Pincus YouTube channel

Day 229 – March 30th, 2008 Listenin' to NRBQ

Earlier that night, I recorded my third project for my Intro to Radio class…this time, we were to put together a :60 commercial…weirdo that I am, I had to go all experimental on it and came up with these results…I say!

When I was at Main Campus today, I saw a squirrel make off with a pack of peanut butter crackers from one of the lunch trucks…it was hi-larious, but the little guy was just too quick for me to take a picture of him, though I may draw a diagram of the event in the future…for today, I started putting my Blah! Party stickers to good use…founded and led by Damned guitarist and iconoclastic pop singer Captain Sensible, The Blah! Party aims to “give all politicians a kick up the jacksie”…if that’s not a platform you can get behind, I don’t know what is…their website is full of promotional material that you can use to help the Party become the largest political party in the United Kingdom…just put the stickers on things that you’d like to see changed…for instance…

Day 230 – March 31st, 2008 Wot!

My Intellectual Heritage class has gotten more and more ridiculous as the weeks go on…to that, I say “Blah!”…

That’s all for now, but there’s plenty of news a-brewin’, so you know what to expect…


Lyric of the Time:
You know ev’ry Southern Belle
Is a Mississippi Queen
Down the Mississippi
Down in New Orleans


~ by E. on April 1, 2008.

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